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Friday, December 30, 2011

2 months

Our sweet baby girl, hanna is 2 months old...crazy to believe! On her 2 month birthday she ventured up to lubbock fir her first time..(mommy and daddy looked at furniture).and the next day she had her first experience in the BOB...which she seemed to enjoy! Thanks cousin-non-cousin Amy for the adorable owl was perfect! Hanna is a sweet, sweet baby who loves to cuddle and be held! Ha! She has started making cute little cooing sounds, has great big smiles that show her dimple and has even let out a little attempt of a laugh! All of which i love! She Isn't too keen on her tummy time bc she'd rather be held! Ha! But, she is getting better about hanging out by herself at least for a minute or two! ;) still likes to eat every three hours but has gone 4-5 hours...if she could just keep that consistent at night! She is growing/plumping up nicely and wearing size 3 month clothes! We go for her 2 month check up in 2 weeks to see how much she has indeed grown and to get her shots! She has been such a joy and we are truly blessed to have not one but two healthy babies! :) we love you Hanna James Roby! :)

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