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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sweet, Surprise...

On October, 29, 2011 at 10:34 am Travis and I were given the biggest surprise of our life. What was thought for the past 5 months was indeed incorrect...we thought we were going to enter a baby boy into the world but instead out popped a beautiful, healthy baby GIRL!! WE couldn't be more happier but words really can not express the shock we experienced. When the Dr. pulled out the baby (I had a c-section) and deemed it a GIRL the whole OR room thought he was just kidding. EVERYBODY in that room was confused, shocked and not real sure what to think. Travis was in a state of shock..just staring at his little baby girl. I was on the table wondering what the heck was going on...I desperately wanted to jump off the table and go look myself...but, obviously, I couldn't. After the anesthesiologist kept telling me it was a girl I couldn't believe it until a nurse (well, actually RT) brought her to me and showed me it was indeed a GIRL! WHAT a CRAZY feeling. and, unfortunately, for various reasons we didn't get to see our sweet girl until 6 hours later..felt like a lifetime...we still couldn't believe it until we had her in our arms. Travis would walk down to the nursery every 5 minutes checking on her and seeing if she was ready to meet her mommy and daddy..but, finally we did. and what a glorious moment it was. We really didn't have any girl names picked out but we decided to look at her first and then, she was baby no name for a few hours. Luckily, the anesthesiologist kindly took pictures in the OR or we would have ZERO pictures of Hanna coming out...due to everyone's state of shock...and even in the room afterwards we didn't get many pictures because we had such a story to tell...haha.
Now, you might could they have made this mistake? Well, we had our 20 week appt that told our gender...and it was thought to be a boy. We had a 34 week appt to check on everything but because she was breech and my placenta was in the way the main focus was on the organs and the sweet there was no looking at the "genitalia" therefore, no confirmation of the gender...which, on the way home travis mentioned...but, that was the last thing on our mind.haha.
So, anyways, we are blessed, yet again, with a healthy baby and couldn't be more elated that it's a girl. It didn't take but just a few hours for her closet to be filled with pink,bows and girly things! She is a super, sweet girl and we love her an incredible amount...such a wonderful surprise.
Finally around 10:00 that night we named our little girl Hanna James...and since we had woken our families up at 3:00am since we were heading to the hospital due to my crazy contractions we decided to make a sign (thanks to the nurses station materials..haha) to inform our family the next day when they came to visit the newest member!

Hanna James Roby...7 lbs. 6oz. 19.5 inches long.
dark hair, long skinny feet, toes hands and fingers.
Not real sure who she resembles...stay tuned.
Hanna had an abundance of visitors. unfortunately we didn't get everybody's pictures but we appreciate all who did come to odessa to visit us and meet hanna...she definitely got her fair share of "pink" that day...and aunt ash fixed her up with bows.
Her first bath...which she loved.

And since we came home on Halloween, Travis was able to take Ty to his office for trick or treating and we had to miss our church's trunk or treat but I was able to walk with him next door to see my little "fishyman" in action! and baby Hanna didn't miss out..she was a little Zebra!

Picture before we were taken for my c-section.

cute sign daddy made for his little girl.

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