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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Just the three of us...

This week started the "just the three of us" routine. We had Gamy here for the first 3 days after we came home from the hospital and then the next week my mom was here (as in her house..haha) all week. Although we miss our help it's nice to be able to "fend for ourselves" again. I am back to normal..well, almost...and doing great. Hanna and I even got out (ty was at MDO) and did some shopping the other day. :) Speaking of miss Hanna...we had her 2 week dr checkup yesterday and she has gained a whole pound. She is now 8 lb 2 oz and 20" long...(grew 1/2 an inch). She has grown out of most her NB they are too short...but she is still wearing her NB anyway. She was just perfect! She loves her baths...and I have found that Johnson and Johnson baby soap irritates her skin. Luckily, the Aveeno baby wash does the trick and doesn't irritate her skin. :)
We get the question, "How is Ty doing?", since you might be wondering...Ty is doing great with his "babhanna." As you can see in the picture below is extremely loving and always checks on her once she begins to cry or has the hiccups. haha. He also enjoys rocking her in her swing and in her bassinet but he has to be "gentle." He is a great big brother and it seems that having a baby sister hasn't affected him at all. :)
However, Mr. Ty, has figured out how to open the doors...some might think this is great..however, as I type, I hear him in the hallway and he should be in his bed napping...oh, as he walked up to me he has this big smile on his face and let out a little giggle. that little turkey. I have had to lock the door to the bathroom in his room since he'll just play in all the drawers when he should be sleeping. I caught him, scared him, put him back to bed and locked the door. again, little turkey. Guess we'll need to install locks on all our door handles in our new house. lol.
This past weekend Gamy and Granddaddy came back and took Ty to the Tech vs OSU game...or something like that..haha. You can see how into it ty was...haha...But, while Ty was napping through the game...
Hanna was cheering from home. She didn't stay awake long either and decided to take a nap through the game as well.

On sunday we had to support our Cowboys..
Today, we are back to the normal board...laundry, cooking, coloring, etc...

Oh, and our house is being bricked. Here is one side and front completed. Should start tape and bedding super soon...making progress..and still on schedule for our mid-january move in! :)

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