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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

it's a house full...

Last Saturday Hanna turned the big 1 week old...and she couldn't bring more joy in our lives. She is such a great baby...basically just eats and sleeps right now. She'll go about 3-4 hours during the day, eating, and typically the same at night but there are occasions where she thinks she needs to party at night...or eat every 2 hours. haha. She gets the hiccups frequently...which as I was once told a long time ago..that's a sign a baby is we'll see. she still looks pretty little to me...but, she is a good little eater!
Ty is doing great being an older brother! he loves his "babhanna" and yes, it all runs together like that. haha..but, he has had his fare-share of attention and for that we are grateful. I try and have just Ty and I time and not speak of hanna during that time. The worst part of having a c-section is not being able to pick Ty up. that is by far the hardest and hurts my heart when I have a little boy facing me and arms up in the air saying, "up mommy." I can't wait to be able to pick him up...3-4more weeks. :)
Plus, over the weekend we had cousin brady, Sophi and Aunt casey as well as meme, we naturally tried to get a cousin photo...but as you can see in the pictures below it didn't quite work..haha. but they do provide laughter! lol.

sweet kisses from big brother..and it's official...his MDO class teachers gave him an "official big brother" certificate! it is precious.
this pose of hanna's is what cousin brady would consider the , "i'm thinking"pose.
sweet smiles. and yes, she has the same right side dimple that Ty has.

We are still not sure who she resembles but she has Ty's nose and the older she gets the more she looks like Ty....we are still waiting to see. :) we just know she is perfect!
And for the cousin photo session.

our sweet, big eyed, sophi girl. She is 5 months..and makes Hanna look even smaller than she already is...hard to imagine Hanna will be around this size in 4 months..:)

We put Hanna in Sophi's lap and Sophi immediately thought she was a chew toy! haha.
Sweet kisses from Cousin Brady...but, as you can see Sophi is not liking that too much.
The best cousin pic we got. I mean, what were we was, as brady calls is, "food time," a cartoon was on the TV (note brady's eyes) and Ty was tired...what were we thinking.
Brady 2 1/2 (31 months) Ty 1 1/2 (20 months), Sophi 5 months and Hanna 1 week.

sweet brother and sister.

pretty in purple

Since she has her flashlight helmet on...the deer in the headlight pose was perfect...she is such a funny girl. haha. She was trying to show off her 2 teeth.

All the company has now it's just us and our roomies..haha. although, it is wild and crazy with everyone here they are great, great times and we are so blessed to have such wonderful families and friends.

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