Rollin' with the Roby's

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

1 month...

Our little girl,Hanna James Roby, is 1 month old today... and it is hard to believe...I know time flies with little ones but it has flown by super fast this time!
She is such a sweet baby girl and loves to cuddle...basically just cries when she is hungry or when her tummy hurts.
I weighed her on a scale today and it read 9 lb that would be a full pound in 2 weeks....but it doesn't surprise me...she likes to eat..especially at night. :)
She holds her head up like a champ and rolls over from tummy to back!
Growing out of her NB clothes and is in 0-3month now and in size 1 diapers.
She's just perfect and we love her so much.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Just the three of us...

This week started the "just the three of us" routine. We had Gamy here for the first 3 days after we came home from the hospital and then the next week my mom was here (as in her house..haha) all week. Although we miss our help it's nice to be able to "fend for ourselves" again. I am back to normal..well, almost...and doing great. Hanna and I even got out (ty was at MDO) and did some shopping the other day. :) Speaking of miss Hanna...we had her 2 week dr checkup yesterday and she has gained a whole pound. She is now 8 lb 2 oz and 20" long...(grew 1/2 an inch). She has grown out of most her NB they are too short...but she is still wearing her NB anyway. She was just perfect! She loves her baths...and I have found that Johnson and Johnson baby soap irritates her skin. Luckily, the Aveeno baby wash does the trick and doesn't irritate her skin. :)
We get the question, "How is Ty doing?", since you might be wondering...Ty is doing great with his "babhanna." As you can see in the picture below is extremely loving and always checks on her once she begins to cry or has the hiccups. haha. He also enjoys rocking her in her swing and in her bassinet but he has to be "gentle." He is a great big brother and it seems that having a baby sister hasn't affected him at all. :)
However, Mr. Ty, has figured out how to open the doors...some might think this is great..however, as I type, I hear him in the hallway and he should be in his bed napping...oh, as he walked up to me he has this big smile on his face and let out a little giggle. that little turkey. I have had to lock the door to the bathroom in his room since he'll just play in all the drawers when he should be sleeping. I caught him, scared him, put him back to bed and locked the door. again, little turkey. Guess we'll need to install locks on all our door handles in our new house. lol.
This past weekend Gamy and Granddaddy came back and took Ty to the Tech vs OSU game...or something like that..haha. You can see how into it ty was...haha...But, while Ty was napping through the game...
Hanna was cheering from home. She didn't stay awake long either and decided to take a nap through the game as well.

On sunday we had to support our Cowboys..
Today, we are back to the normal board...laundry, cooking, coloring, etc...

Oh, and our house is being bricked. Here is one side and front completed. Should start tape and bedding super soon...making progress..and still on schedule for our mid-january move in! :)

Friday, November 11, 2011

"We're Not In Kansas Anymore"...

Those were the words I Heard as Travis helped me prepare for the photo session with Hanna...when he saw the pearls, and feather bow...he turned to Ty and said, "Ty, we are not in kansas anymore." haha.

and thank you sweet Hallie, for letting your BF hanna borrow your diaper cover!
Can't believe our little girl will be 2 weeks tomorrow!
Big Brother, Ty, is headed to cheer on the red raiders with Gamy and Granddaddy this weekend so, it'll just be us with our little girl.
happy Friday!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

it's a house full...

Last Saturday Hanna turned the big 1 week old...and she couldn't bring more joy in our lives. She is such a great baby...basically just eats and sleeps right now. She'll go about 3-4 hours during the day, eating, and typically the same at night but there are occasions where she thinks she needs to party at night...or eat every 2 hours. haha. She gets the hiccups frequently...which as I was once told a long time ago..that's a sign a baby is we'll see. she still looks pretty little to me...but, she is a good little eater!
Ty is doing great being an older brother! he loves his "babhanna" and yes, it all runs together like that. haha..but, he has had his fare-share of attention and for that we are grateful. I try and have just Ty and I time and not speak of hanna during that time. The worst part of having a c-section is not being able to pick Ty up. that is by far the hardest and hurts my heart when I have a little boy facing me and arms up in the air saying, "up mommy." I can't wait to be able to pick him up...3-4more weeks. :)
Plus, over the weekend we had cousin brady, Sophi and Aunt casey as well as meme, we naturally tried to get a cousin photo...but as you can see in the pictures below it didn't quite work..haha. but they do provide laughter! lol.

sweet kisses from big brother..and it's official...his MDO class teachers gave him an "official big brother" certificate! it is precious.
this pose of hanna's is what cousin brady would consider the , "i'm thinking"pose.
sweet smiles. and yes, she has the same right side dimple that Ty has.

We are still not sure who she resembles but she has Ty's nose and the older she gets the more she looks like Ty....we are still waiting to see. :) we just know she is perfect!
And for the cousin photo session.

our sweet, big eyed, sophi girl. She is 5 months..and makes Hanna look even smaller than she already is...hard to imagine Hanna will be around this size in 4 months..:)

We put Hanna in Sophi's lap and Sophi immediately thought she was a chew toy! haha.
Sweet kisses from Cousin Brady...but, as you can see Sophi is not liking that too much.
The best cousin pic we got. I mean, what were we was, as brady calls is, "food time," a cartoon was on the TV (note brady's eyes) and Ty was tired...what were we thinking.
Brady 2 1/2 (31 months) Ty 1 1/2 (20 months), Sophi 5 months and Hanna 1 week.

sweet brother and sister.

pretty in purple

Since she has her flashlight helmet on...the deer in the headlight pose was perfect...she is such a funny girl. haha. She was trying to show off her 2 teeth.

All the company has now it's just us and our roomies..haha. although, it is wild and crazy with everyone here they are great, great times and we are so blessed to have such wonderful families and friends.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sweet, Surprise...

On October, 29, 2011 at 10:34 am Travis and I were given the biggest surprise of our life. What was thought for the past 5 months was indeed incorrect...we thought we were going to enter a baby boy into the world but instead out popped a beautiful, healthy baby GIRL!! WE couldn't be more happier but words really can not express the shock we experienced. When the Dr. pulled out the baby (I had a c-section) and deemed it a GIRL the whole OR room thought he was just kidding. EVERYBODY in that room was confused, shocked and not real sure what to think. Travis was in a state of shock..just staring at his little baby girl. I was on the table wondering what the heck was going on...I desperately wanted to jump off the table and go look myself...but, obviously, I couldn't. After the anesthesiologist kept telling me it was a girl I couldn't believe it until a nurse (well, actually RT) brought her to me and showed me it was indeed a GIRL! WHAT a CRAZY feeling. and, unfortunately, for various reasons we didn't get to see our sweet girl until 6 hours later..felt like a lifetime...we still couldn't believe it until we had her in our arms. Travis would walk down to the nursery every 5 minutes checking on her and seeing if she was ready to meet her mommy and daddy..but, finally we did. and what a glorious moment it was. We really didn't have any girl names picked out but we decided to look at her first and then, she was baby no name for a few hours. Luckily, the anesthesiologist kindly took pictures in the OR or we would have ZERO pictures of Hanna coming out...due to everyone's state of shock...and even in the room afterwards we didn't get many pictures because we had such a story to tell...haha.
Now, you might could they have made this mistake? Well, we had our 20 week appt that told our gender...and it was thought to be a boy. We had a 34 week appt to check on everything but because she was breech and my placenta was in the way the main focus was on the organs and the sweet there was no looking at the "genitalia" therefore, no confirmation of the gender...which, on the way home travis mentioned...but, that was the last thing on our mind.haha.
So, anyways, we are blessed, yet again, with a healthy baby and couldn't be more elated that it's a girl. It didn't take but just a few hours for her closet to be filled with pink,bows and girly things! She is a super, sweet girl and we love her an incredible amount...such a wonderful surprise.
Finally around 10:00 that night we named our little girl Hanna James...and since we had woken our families up at 3:00am since we were heading to the hospital due to my crazy contractions we decided to make a sign (thanks to the nurses station materials..haha) to inform our family the next day when they came to visit the newest member!

Hanna James Roby...7 lbs. 6oz. 19.5 inches long.
dark hair, long skinny feet, toes hands and fingers.
Not real sure who she resembles...stay tuned.
Hanna had an abundance of visitors. unfortunately we didn't get everybody's pictures but we appreciate all who did come to odessa to visit us and meet hanna...she definitely got her fair share of "pink" that day...and aunt ash fixed her up with bows.
Her first bath...which she loved.

And since we came home on Halloween, Travis was able to take Ty to his office for trick or treating and we had to miss our church's trunk or treat but I was able to walk with him next door to see my little "fishyman" in action! and baby Hanna didn't miss out..she was a little Zebra!

Picture before we were taken for my c-section.

cute sign daddy made for his little girl.