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Friday, October 21, 2011

"ought oh"...

"ought oh"...the infamous words out of my sweet, soon to be 20 month year old..I turned to look and what did I see???? a WHOLE bottle of RED food coloring all over him and the kitchen floor. while I was finishing this cute little treats to take to our pumpkin painting play-date (thanks to pinterest) he managed to get the red food coloring bottle and open the seal...and of course, open the lid! WHAT A MESS! and of course, he managed to perform this talent right before we were about to head out the door. AHH!!! so, I clean it up as good as I can and decided...we'll go to the play-date and clean it up again once we get back....but, all before the hen of the house was to return home (my mom)...haha...however, I had a feeling once I explained to her it was her grandson who made the mess I was sure she wouldn't have any issues with it.haha! So, I finished putting the treats in bags and out the door we went....with our bright red hands and stained clothes.

the culprit.

the area of mess the red food coloring covered. This was after the several cleaning attempts..notice how shiny the floor

After several inquiries as to why ty and I were painted red I had some advice on how to clean it up...hairspray and polish remover...

p.s. not sure why some font and underling crept its way into the post...for some reason I couldn't get rid of it...enjoy the character of the post..haha.

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