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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Class Clown...

Tuesday, Ty's MDO had open house..of course we went...I had to see what my little artist has made and hear all the songs and learning curriculum he's being taught. He showed me his folder with his beautiful "cowow" aka..color work. but, his favorite part were the smarties on top...which he downed in about 3 To his defense it was 6:00 and past his dinner he was hungry. Once more kids came in his teachers, Mrs.Margie and Ms. Jesika, with the help of the toddlers showed us the songs they sang and what they do on a daily basis. As, you can see once you look at the pictures...Ty sitting still was not on his agenda. He was quite the ham...while all the other kids were on the carpet singing songs my cute little boy was practically doing the worm in the middle of the circle. Although everyone thought he was super cute and hilarious..I kept thinking of what's to come in his school-years! lol...he is his fathers child..hahahaha! Before every song Mrs. Margie would look at me and say, "Oh, Ty really loves this one." haha. Yes, my baby loves to sing and clap. It was great seeing my little boy in action and seeing him interact with his friends!
While most are singing...ty is playing..haha!

doing "The Twist" with Ms. Jesika

Worm in action..his daddy would be


This is after we got home from picking him up at MDO...eating our snacks and picking up acorns in the front yard! Ty now wants to look at every picture I take of the reverse camera on my phone is wonderful for

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