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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Class Clown...

Tuesday, Ty's MDO had open house..of course we went...I had to see what my little artist has made and hear all the songs and learning curriculum he's being taught. He showed me his folder with his beautiful "cowow" aka..color work. but, his favorite part were the smarties on top...which he downed in about 3 To his defense it was 6:00 and past his dinner he was hungry. Once more kids came in his teachers, Mrs.Margie and Ms. Jesika, with the help of the toddlers showed us the songs they sang and what they do on a daily basis. As, you can see once you look at the pictures...Ty sitting still was not on his agenda. He was quite the ham...while all the other kids were on the carpet singing songs my cute little boy was practically doing the worm in the middle of the circle. Although everyone thought he was super cute and hilarious..I kept thinking of what's to come in his school-years! lol...he is his fathers child..hahahaha! Before every song Mrs. Margie would look at me and say, "Oh, Ty really loves this one." haha. Yes, my baby loves to sing and clap. It was great seeing my little boy in action and seeing him interact with his friends!
While most are singing...ty is playing..haha!

doing "The Twist" with Ms. Jesika

Worm in action..his daddy would be


This is after we got home from picking him up at MDO...eating our snacks and picking up acorns in the front yard! Ty now wants to look at every picture I take of the reverse camera on my phone is wonderful for

In honor of Ryder...

Last Thursday our WONDERFUL friends through us a baby shower in honor of
Ryder James Roby.
We are so blessed to have such great friends and for them to want to celebrate with us during this exciting time as we expand our family.
We received lots of great gifts from diapers and wipes to adorable clothing and necessities and of course, big brother Ty got a few things as well. It was incredibly sweet of everyone who hosted and came to show their love and support of Ryder, Ty and me and Trav. Of course, I didn't get as many pictures...barely any at all..but, I was able to get a few. Thank yall again for such a wonderful shower!
Some of the hostesses.

Sara and sweet Mason

Kasey and Hallie..who was so cute in her sparkle party dress

Cute diaper cake.

Speaking of Ryder...he is doing just great! Still due to arrive at 7:30 on Friday, November 4th...and it couldn't get here fast enough...although, I know it'll be here before I know it. ha! These last few weeks/days we have been out to our storage unit to gather our baby stuff, washing/sanitizing everything and re-arranging in my parents house to make room for the little guy. of last sunday, thanks to trav, dad and my mom...everything is re-organized, re-arranged and baby stuff is ready to go... and me, trav and ty have our summer clothes in boxes and our fall/winter in are officially ready for you Ryder! :)
Next week all the family is coming in...which we are excited about. Meme comes in on wednesday with Dad from a nice little get-a-way at 700 Springs Ranch(have fun meme) and thursday Gamy and Granddaddy (amy and trae) fly in and aunt Casey, sophi girl and brady bear drive in from abilene! :) Saturday at 11:00, which just happens to be the kickoff time for the Tech vs UT game aunt ashley flies in...hmm..ash, you might be stranded at the airport for j/k! we'll get you a cab..again, just kidding! haha! :) So, we will have a fun-filled, family weekend and hopefully all will go perfectly so we can come home sunday morning!! yay!! It's hard to imagine loving Ryder with the same amount that I do Ty...but, I know there is definitely room for all his love and I can't wait to experience it. I will be the luckiest mommy to 2 boys...I just can't wait to see what Ryder looks like. Trav and I were discussing his looks the other night and neither of us have any clue (obviously) but we wonder if he'll look like Ty? With Ty we had absolutely no inklings...but since we have a little boy now it makes us wonder a little more. haha...we shall see what God has made for us...and we couldn't be more excited! :) Can't wait to hold and meet you Ryder James Roby! :)

Friday, October 21, 2011

"ought oh"...

"ought oh"...the infamous words out of my sweet, soon to be 20 month year old..I turned to look and what did I see???? a WHOLE bottle of RED food coloring all over him and the kitchen floor. while I was finishing this cute little treats to take to our pumpkin painting play-date (thanks to pinterest) he managed to get the red food coloring bottle and open the seal...and of course, open the lid! WHAT A MESS! and of course, he managed to perform this talent right before we were about to head out the door. AHH!!! so, I clean it up as good as I can and decided...we'll go to the play-date and clean it up again once we get back....but, all before the hen of the house was to return home (my mom)...haha...however, I had a feeling once I explained to her it was her grandson who made the mess I was sure she wouldn't have any issues with it.haha! So, I finished putting the treats in bags and out the door we went....with our bright red hands and stained clothes.

the culprit.

the area of mess the red food coloring covered. This was after the several cleaning attempts..notice how shiny the floor

After several inquiries as to why ty and I were painted red I had some advice on how to clean it up...hairspray and polish remover...

p.s. not sure why some font and underling crept its way into the post...for some reason I couldn't get rid of it...enjoy the character of the post..haha.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Three Years...

Wow....what a great and incredible three years it has been being married to John Travis Roby! October 11, 2008 was such a wonderful day and Travis and I both consider ourselves to be the luckiest people alive to have found each other! (thanks
Our three years has been fast and furious but we have loved every second.
Within the three years we have had a baby...who is now 19 months..and in 3 weeks will have another baby boy! plus, we can't forget Cooper...our fur child..and first born who turned 3 in July. Plus, we sold our first house (where we get engaged, came home to after our hawaii honeymoon, and brought Ty home) and "patiently" wait for our next house to finish being built! :) Like I said early, it's been a whirlwind of three years but we understand how blessed we truly are and wouldn't change a thing!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

35 weeks...

Our last 4 weeks of a being a family of 3...since the weather has been absolutely gorgeous lately, we took full advantage after church and snapped a few photos...thanks mom for being our photographer!!
Ty is not real sure about this whole baby thing...he can say" wyder" but he doesn't grasp the whole concept. I feel bad...his whole world is about to rock come Nov. 4th. Plus, I can't lie, I am trying to take full advantage of Ty-time before my attention is diverted between 2, my I love Ty so much it's hard to fathom I am going to have that same love for Ryder...but,I can't wait to experience it!