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Monday, September 26, 2011


Ode to Pinterest...

If you haven't gotten on pinterest are missing out! It has wonderful ideas and brings out your craftiness..or at least it has for me...

Everything you see pictured below was all inspired from Pinterest!

Baby in a pumpkin...Thank goodness Sophi came to visit so I could try this photo out on her....hehe...Uncle Travis was kind enough to carve and clean out the pumpkin for my sweet little niece to sit Yay for fall!! :)

I made this wreath...but I don't have a picture of it currently. However, mine obviously has an "R" letter and has a greenish'll see why later...and I mixed up the flowers a little too.. I'm waiting on my roommate (mom) to show me where the command strips are so I can hang it on our front door...aka our bedroom door....we are still residing at my parents..hehe.
We (ty and I) made these delicious Peanut Butter chocolate bars with cake mix...definitely a hit in our house.
Dinner one night...Pesto chicken stuffed shells...another great recipe.
another dessert...chocolate pecan pie bars...another big hit...YYUMMMYY!
Autumn chopped salad....yet again, another successful, delicious meal.
The photo pose was inspired by pinterest as well as the canvas I placed them on...turned out cute. Brady is up top and Ty is on bottom. :)
And Ryder got his name in burlap...this is the color of burlap that is on the fall wreath..I had tons left over!
Halloween ghost feet canvas!!

and the christmas wreath...although it's not quite complete yet.I still need to make more bows and add ornaments. While Staying at my parents my mom finally taught me how to make bows! YAY!

Anyways, thanks to pinterest I have fed our family and made crafts for our home. I have tons more I aspire to make but some are for christmas gifts so I won't be able to post pics of that...since I know my family is the only ones who read this...haha! yall have to wait until christmas to see! lol.

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