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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Busy Bee...

If you have been around Ty It's no secret that our little boy is a very active, busy bee...but although it can be tiring I wouldn't trade it for the world. He is constantly learning and keeping me laughing and smiling...not to mention my daily workout. He is quite the little talker and I love hearing new words come out of his mouth...hourly...haha! so, yes, he's definitely at the age where you have to watch what you say! haha. In his new MDO class he has a disposition report card...every tuesday and thursday it never fails...happy and busy are always! ha. and typically friendly, cooperative and tired have also been circled. He is a sweet little boy, and i know I am his mommy and biased but I would think that regardless..he loves to share and never leaves anybody out! :) can you tell I am a proud mommy...hehe!
He loves "fish." We constantly go to the park where our house is building so Ty can see the fish and ducks.He loves it. On tuesday after school we went by and he of course had to take his fishing
Here fishy fishy..
He loves being pushed in his car but then wants to get out and push himself...on this particular walk we found acorns to feed the squirrels. Not sure where he came up with that but nevertheless it was cute and he didn't understand why the "quirl" was running away. haha.
He loves his "shoo-shoo" (choo-choo train) and mickey mouse ("mick mouse")

Loves getting breakfast in bed...spoiled! granted I must say a nutra-grain bar isn't 5 star. haha.

His disposition report....busy is ALWAYS circled. lol.

Thanks to pinterest I have been doing several crafts and new recipes....and snuggie also has to help! haha...and of course play baseball.

He is a very clean boy...yay! hehe. He loves to be clean and loves to help clean..or as he would say, "wash". Hey, I am ok with that! :)

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