Rollin' with the Roby's

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sneak Peak...

Today We got our last sono before Ryder is here...I am 34 weeks with 5 more to go! Come on Nov. 4th...i am soooo ready to meet my little baby boy. here are some pics of our sono. He was being kinda shy...actually, my placenta was in the way, but he wasn't being very helpful. he had his left hand up by his face the whole did Ty at this sono as well. Right off the bat, the sono tech thought Ryder looks just like we'll see. Ryder definitely has his nose! He measured to be 5 lbs.1 with 4 weeks to go I am expecting another 8 lb. baby. :) We literally got 49 sono pictures (it helps when you know the girl...hehe) but he was shy in most of them. Oh well, It makes it more exciting to see him when the time finally arrives. CAN'T WAIT. Everything looked great and Ryder and I are both healthy...just ready to meet each least I am! ha! Here are pics primarily of his nose and mouth. no,there isn't a tumor growing out of his's my placenta..and probably some umbilical cord. :)

Monday, September 26, 2011


Ode to Pinterest...

If you haven't gotten on pinterest are missing out! It has wonderful ideas and brings out your craftiness..or at least it has for me...

Everything you see pictured below was all inspired from Pinterest!

Baby in a pumpkin...Thank goodness Sophi came to visit so I could try this photo out on her....hehe...Uncle Travis was kind enough to carve and clean out the pumpkin for my sweet little niece to sit Yay for fall!! :)

I made this wreath...but I don't have a picture of it currently. However, mine obviously has an "R" letter and has a greenish'll see why later...and I mixed up the flowers a little too.. I'm waiting on my roommate (mom) to show me where the command strips are so I can hang it on our front door...aka our bedroom door....we are still residing at my parents..hehe.
We (ty and I) made these delicious Peanut Butter chocolate bars with cake mix...definitely a hit in our house.
Dinner one night...Pesto chicken stuffed shells...another great recipe.
another dessert...chocolate pecan pie bars...another big hit...YYUMMMYY!
Autumn chopped salad....yet again, another successful, delicious meal.
The photo pose was inspired by pinterest as well as the canvas I placed them on...turned out cute. Brady is up top and Ty is on bottom. :)
And Ryder got his name in burlap...this is the color of burlap that is on the fall wreath..I had tons left over!
Halloween ghost feet canvas!!

and the christmas wreath...although it's not quite complete yet.I still need to make more bows and add ornaments. While Staying at my parents my mom finally taught me how to make bows! YAY!

Anyways, thanks to pinterest I have fed our family and made crafts for our home. I have tons more I aspire to make but some are for christmas gifts so I won't be able to post pics of that...since I know my family is the only ones who read this...haha! yall have to wait until christmas to see! lol.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Busy Bee...

If you have been around Ty It's no secret that our little boy is a very active, busy bee...but although it can be tiring I wouldn't trade it for the world. He is constantly learning and keeping me laughing and smiling...not to mention my daily workout. He is quite the little talker and I love hearing new words come out of his mouth...hourly...haha! so, yes, he's definitely at the age where you have to watch what you say! haha. In his new MDO class he has a disposition report card...every tuesday and thursday it never fails...happy and busy are always! ha. and typically friendly, cooperative and tired have also been circled. He is a sweet little boy, and i know I am his mommy and biased but I would think that regardless..he loves to share and never leaves anybody out! :) can you tell I am a proud mommy...hehe!
He loves "fish." We constantly go to the park where our house is building so Ty can see the fish and ducks.He loves it. On tuesday after school we went by and he of course had to take his fishing
Here fishy fishy..
He loves being pushed in his car but then wants to get out and push himself...on this particular walk we found acorns to feed the squirrels. Not sure where he came up with that but nevertheless it was cute and he didn't understand why the "quirl" was running away. haha.
He loves his "shoo-shoo" (choo-choo train) and mickey mouse ("mick mouse")

Loves getting breakfast in bed...spoiled! granted I must say a nutra-grain bar isn't 5 star. haha.

His disposition report....busy is ALWAYS circled. lol.

Thanks to pinterest I have been doing several crafts and new recipes....and snuggie also has to help! haha...and of course play baseball.

He is a very clean boy...yay! hehe. He loves to be clean and loves to help clean..or as he would say, "wash". Hey, I am ok with that! :)

Monday, September 5, 2011

"Mama's Don't Let Your Baby's Grow Up To be Cowboys"...

Although, there is absolutely nothing wrong with little boys wanting to be cowboys, I just don't see Ty going that route....I can however, take his picture in his daddy's boots and his naked hiney...i'm thinking when he marries his friend Hallie it'll be in the rehearsal dinner slideshow..hehe.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

18 months...

Although it is hard to believe our little baby Ty is 18 months old..yes, that's 1 1/2! CRAZY. hard to believe...but, it has been such a fun 18 months! Even though he is very busy...and very attached...I wouldn't want it any other way. He keeps me active, on my toes and such a happy mommy.

At 18 months Ty weighed about 28 pounds and was just about 34" long...and of course as the Dr. said..."healthy," "very smart" and "a good talker." Yes, Ty baby you are all of those..haha.
He got his 2 immunizations and I went ahead and got him his flu-shot...hard to believe flu-season is right around the corner.

Since he did such a great job at the Dr. we went to the park and pond area to play around...we actually went to the subdivision where we are building and he had a great time...which is such a great feeling knowing Travis and I made the right decision on our next chapter in life! Ty, Ryder and all their friends are going to have such a great time out there.

Right now... I feel that he is either going to be a pro-baseball player, construction worker, artist (loves to color), chef..(loves to help mommy cook and bake) or truck driver..haha.. he loves "keys", "trucks" and to "drive." lol.

Our happy, full of life, 18 month old.

Ducks and fish in the pond...Ty loves ducks and it was perfect.

As usual....on the go.

More pics of his 18 month bday...
Silly face..I believe Ty has all his teeth but a few molars which are coming in now...
Loves to blow everybody kisses and he must tell and wave "bye bye" to everyone when he leaves their sight...this also includes, books, toys, food, drink, get the's pretty cute and funny.
when he sees a camera he typically says, "cheese." haha..I think it's a sign I take too many pictures of him..:) but then again...I don't think there is such a thing.

Silly boy, loves to laugh, and definitely makes those around him smile and laugh.

He'll brighten anyone's day....from mine to complete strangers...that he waves at!

Is very into trucks, balls and recently "aw-panes." he is always looking in the sky for airplanes....and birds. haha...which of course, makes his daddy happy! lol. He is also very into baseball and will make anything a bat and ball....from his correct baseball bat and baseball to a golf club acting as a bat, crayon, stick...anything! lol. do we have a future baseball player on our hands????

spotted an airplane.

Loves stuffed animals...of course, his snuggie or "nuk" as he calls him is still the front runner and takes him everywhere. but, he also loves other animals and constantly cuddles with them...precious.

He wears anything from 18-2T clothing....size 5 diapers and size 5-6 shoes.
He can say numerous words...counts to 3, and can tell you most body parts. and is becoming very saying "pease" and "tank you"...he might be a fast talker because some words that come out sound more chinese than the west texas accent we thought he would have....either way, it's a sweet sound.
Still doing great in his big boy bed..and will let you know if he has tee-teed or poo-poo'd in his diaper....he can go in the potty but since cousin brady took mom-mom and grandpa's potty-training potty (it's a frog and brady's although sang..was not good enough for him...haha) we haven't tried...not that we were really trying to though. ha!
I could go on and on about my little boy but those are the monumental acts...that i can remember right now.

we also met his teachers at MDO today..and of course, as always, he loved it. He is going to have another great year!