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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mrs. Ashley Roby Vogt

On August 27, 2011, my sister-in-law, Ashley Heather Roby became Ashley Roby Vogt. It was a great week and weekend of celebrating the special occasion. Ty and I drove down to katy on tuesday and Travis flew down on thursday. Thursday night we had a dinner with the Devine's and morgan's to get the weekend started. Which is always a great time when that clan gets together. Ty had such a great time playing with Jack. Jack is 3 and has better manners and character than many adults. Even at the little age of 3 he can make anybody feel welcome. He always makes Ty feel his age and is super, super sweet to him...always shares and constantly wants to play...he has the sweetest to see him make ty feel at home is a great characteristic...and makes a mommy smile.! So, of course, he and ty had a blast and even little Wyatt got some boy, play time as's hard to believe that little Wyatt is 10 months..such a cutie. Trae and I headed out a little early in order to get my mom from the airport...she not only came to see ashley get married but to be my saving grace/babysitter for Ty. Definitely couldn't have made it through the weekend without her. When the WHOLE family is in the wedding...including Ty...without mom I am not sure how we would have managed. So, thank you mom for all your help. and yes, Ty was a ring-bearer along with his cousin McCain..and although both their mommies were concerned on their performance..they ran down that isle like pro's. They did such a great job....and then mom and Tanner (McCain's daddy) swept them up and helped escort them out of the ceremony...haha.
Anyways, back to the weekend. Friday we had the bridal luncheon at Benjy's in houston. It was wonderful...if you are in the area you need to check it out! That night was the rehearsal and then the dinner at Perry's Steakhouse..again, another delicious dinner. If you ever attend please get the "pork Chop plate."'s essentially a pig on a plate...huge. I felt barbaric eating it..or at least, un-ladylike as I sit to eat my 10" plate full of pork while everyone else..except Tanner(thanks tanner) a little 6 oz steak. lol. yes, travis helped eat it..but, we still didn't dint it so I brought it home with us..I hated wasting all that food...haha.
Saturday was of course wedding bell day! It was great getting pampered with all the girls and then being able to be apart of Ashley's special day. She of course, looked GORGEOUS..and like always, lite the room up. It was a beautiful ceremony...and Ashley and Brian are now married. The reception followed and it was everything Ashley wanted...a Party! and if you know Ashley you know how fitting that is..haha. It was a great time and if you didn't have a good time it was your fault..haha. It was definitely a success considering travis busted out the worm in her honor..haha.
Ashley and Brian are now in The Grand Caymen's and hopefully having the time of their life! :)
Here are some collages of the weekend...i know they are small but hopefully you can make them out! :)

Bridal Brunch and Rehearsal Dinner.
Wedding Day...getting ready.

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