Rollin' with the Roby's

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

And...the name is...

After 6 months we have finally decided and confirmed a name for baby boy #2!!!!

Ryder James Roby

me and ryder at 25 weeks.
of course, big brother Ty had to join the pic...sibling rivalry already..haha.
my precious baby Ty...although he's 1 1/2 and will be the older brother I still foresee me calling him "Ty baby." haha.

Sadly, I haven't been had all the time in the world, like I did the first go round, to focus all my time on my baby that is cookin. However, now that we are somewhat settled into my parents house and our travels have slowed down a tad...meaning, we'll be in town for 2 weeks straight..haha...I have decided to focus all my waking time for Ty and his little brother. :)
So...I am currently, exactly 25 weeks along. Baby Boy #2 is the approximately 1.5lb and according to my book and phone app. is 13.5in long. so, get out your ruler and a coke can and you can see our little boy! As I type that and visualize it in my head it is crazy to think while working in the NICU I took care of several 24-25 weekers. So, the visualization is extremely real and crazy to think of what he really looks like. Although, I am anxious to meet him I prefer him to keep cookin...and the way this pregnancy has been going...wonderfully, I don't see a problem in keeping him in until november 2 or 3rd! :)
Although I was very sick the first trimester...a few weeks into my second trimester I started feeling ssooooooooo much better. No more sickness! woohoo. I still get car/motion sick but that's how I was with Ty and I have just learned to deal with it..haha. Everything is is going great and just cruising along.

Monday, July 25, 2011

It's been a whirlwind!!!

Our life has been nothing but CRAZY these last couple of months...but, why would we want it any other way! ha. Here is our whirlwind of 2 months in a a cliff-noted, picture book, kind of way! haha.

We moved. yes, ty and I spent everyday for at least 3 weeks packing up our belongings to ship it to a storage unit...down the road in midland. just moving to a new house....since our family is expanding. Although, having boxes all over the house drove me crazy...ty thoroughly enjoyed climbing and coloring on them.ha.

We had a garage sale to have somebody else move our belongings instead of us..haha. Brady, Sophi and Casey came into town to help play with ty while I could finish packing and have a garage sale...casey was extremely helpful! Thanks again, sister.
Since casey's stay ended up being for 2 weeks (yay for summer) we swam at my parents a lot...isn't sophi precious in her swimsuit..hehe.
We cooked out and had yummy smores....ty and brady both loved them.
Sophi tried to relax but with 2 crazy, loud boys her R &R time was interrupted quite often..haha.
Since moving and having a garage sale wasn't enough fun we decided to take a girls trip...with kids, of course, to ruidoso. Actually, it was meant to get away and relax but lets get real, having a 2 year old, 1 year old and 7 week old wasn't exactly the most relaxing time..haha..nevertheless, it was a great get-away to fresh air and cooler temperatures.
We went to the kiddie corral to ride the pony's but brady was the only little boy wanting to ride...Ty clung to me like a bear climbing a tree...he was NOT AT ALL interested in getting on the pony. He would point, talk and touch them but getting on was a different after brady's ride Ty rode the fake ones...haha.
the boys played in the river...and yes, it was also low just like all the water around us...but, it was perfect playing/walking level. ty mainly enjoyed throwing rocks into the water. Brady on the other hand, would have walked the whole length of the river.
Since Casey, brady and sophi were in town they of course stayed at mom-mom's and grandpa's and well...since we have moved... guess where we are staying...yup, you guessed it....we are roomies with my parents for the next 5-6 months while our house is being built. Therefore, their house has been a zoo... or a circus...whichever you prefer...either way it was loud, messy but a lot of fun having everyone together. In fact, as I type, it is rather quite around here....even with a little boy. ha.
Brady and Ty had "wrestle time" in a pack n play. they are funny...they actually enjoy playing in there..haha.
They helped me bake cookies...and a banana nut cake. such good helpers they were.
and, since moving, garage sale and ruidoso trip wasn't enough fun...we headed out to austin for some shopping. Here are the boys in Brady, TX at the McDonald's playing in the play area. Although, it was disgusting...they had a great time. and it was a great place for them to get some energy out while little sophi ate. :)
Sophi is just so ladylike...poor girl doesn't stand a chance later in life. not only does she have a big brother that loves her so much but a big boy cousin that adores her just as, another boy cousin on the way...poor girl! haha. we did find a camo tutu so she can go hunting with the
while in austin we would find the largest fitting rooms (typically the handicapped ones...yes, the retailers let us) and that way we all tried on together and the boys could get out of the stroller...and sophi could eat.
Brady enjoyed watching mickey while ty enjoyed coloring.
2 days later when we were done shopping it took us 3 bell hop carries to get us out of the hotel...luckily, we had 2 strong boys to help! lol.
eating at yummy cheesecake factory. I think i take too many pictures...even with my phone...b/c now everytime I get it out brady automatically says, "cheese" and poses....hence the picture below...haha.
of course, we had to get dessert...ty loved his ice cream.
spent the night in abilene with casey on saturday night before heading back to midland on sunday....sadly, we had to part from brady and sophi...but, it sure was nice to see them everyday for 2 1/2 weeks!
When we got back to midland Ty's big boy bed for mom-mom and grandpa's house came, travis put it together...of course, with ty's help, and ty instantly loved it. He stayed in it all night until a little before 7 when he found mom-mom and grandpa's room...hehe..yes, travis and i trained him for j/k!
Hopefully this week we can really get situated and into a routine. It's been super crazy and busy so hopefully life will slow down....for a couple of weeks at least then it's wedding season in houston....:) YAY!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Chillin on a Dirt Road..

Actually, it was spent on a cliche road..but it's sooooo dry it's kinda like a dirt road. haha.

Our Fourth of July weekend was spent at the lake. We left on friday and the Roby's met us there on Saturday for a fun-filled, long-relaxing, lake weekend. Since it is soooo dry and therefore, the lake is sadly, incredibly low, there was not a firework show this year. However, there might have been a new tradition started in Lu of the fireworks....a parade! Sunday night a trail of decorated mules, golf-carts, 4-wheelers and even little power wheels came along the path in honor of our independence. Ty loved every minute of it and enjoyed waving his flags and even cleaned up nicely with the candy. We got on to Grandpa as to why we didn't have sooner notice so we..aka..Ty could year Ty!!! :) We had a wonderful weekend, and as always, sped by but it was great to get-away and relax for a few days.

The parade's biggest fan! haha.

Ty got to help his daddy drive.

Proud to be an American.
All of his "goodies"

His Gamy and Granddaddy are so proud...not only a proud American but look at his "Guns Up." Lol.


Working on his swimming....what a great dad Trav is...haha..takin one for the team. haha.

Ty loves driving the boat.
Grandpa gave him a boat driving" stay in the channel" (since it's so low) and "pay attention. " So, now Ty has his serious face

Gamy and Ty.

i think he enjoys his "big boy" life jacket verses his baby one. little bit more room to wiggle.

Cooper enjoying cooling off.

Fetch Cooper.