Rollin' with the Roby's

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ty's Day...

Although it is not an official I deemed June 30th, Ty Roby Day. Since he has been cooped up in the house doing, extremely, un-fun, things that go with selling a house and moving, I decided today we were going to take a break and be all about Ty day! We started off at the Duck pond. He was SUPER EXCITED...he loves "duck" and "wawa" so it was a perfect combination. He couldn't run fast enough to get to the ducks. He loved just watching them and throwing bread. Even when the ducks came up close to him, he never got scared but just kept pointing at them. haha. We lasted a good 3o minutes until Ty started eating the bread instead of feeding it to the ducks. So, in order to protect my child from being attacked by the ducks..I decided to take him to the car where he could have his own snack and drink. haha.

Our excited little boy!!! Love his reactions!

Having married Travis my knowledge of ducks has increased..however, I always can point out and remember Mallard ducks..mainly, because I think they are the prettiest..haha.. Anyways, Ty was throwing bread to one and since he is REALLY REPEATING what you say..I asked him to say, "Mallard." lol...I know travis and his uncle trey and chase are going to be so proud. lol.

Next...we went to get some new shoes for him! yes, that is what Ty wanted to do..haha. He has been needing new brown sandels that fit better for awhile but due to the craziness it just hadn't happened..until today. and, he not only got some new cute brown sandels but other shoes as well...and of course, we had to get cousin brady and sweet Sophi shoes too! so now, they are all fixed up! haha. While we were in the kid's shoe store there was a little boy, who ty made friends with..of course, that just happend to be Brady's age (2 1/2) but was much smaller in size...he only wore a size 6 or 7 while Brady now wears a whopping size Love our big brady bear.

After the shoe store we headed to a park where Ty could run and play some more before it got to hot outside. He had the best time climbing the steps and playing in the tunnels. The swing is always fun but only for a few pushes and then he is ready to get down and play some more. When it was time to leave we headed to Taco Villa where he got his favorite burrito...and mom's too! yummy! He is now down for a nap, hence the ability to blog! So, I would have to say his morning was a success!! :) however, I am not sure who had more fun, Ty, or me watching him light up and having so much fun. I love my little boy!!

Park Time.

Silly boy...he loved the tunnels and would stay there for ever! haha.

I am sure after his nap we'll venture out again and possibly get some yogurt or a sno-cone..i am sure he would love both!!! Just so blessed to have a great little boy...and blessed to have a husband who allows me to stay home with him! :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Boy..oh! Boy!!!!

It's an exciting day in the Roby household....we found out what we are going to have Nov. 3rd!!!!

Many people have asked what my instincts are or what i prefer for our 2nd be honest, i always thought I would like one of each...but, then after having my nephew and Ty be best of friends and have so much fun playing together...and then they are both so sad when they have to part each other..i know what...i think having another boy would be perfect. because, I have my little niece, Sophi, now whom I can play dress up with all i want! So, that makes me excited. when we were getting ready to leave for the dr. Travis asked me if I was excited..and, I was..but at the same time i was so nervous. I was excited to find out the gender but it still is nerve-racking to have an ultrasound to see all the organs, extremities, heart chambers, etc...BUT....God is Great and answered our prayers because...before we even found out the sex we found out it was extremely healthy! YAY..and that alone but my mind at ease. In fact, when we heard the heartbeat and it was 150ish, I commented...well, sounds like a boy...because according to the gender myths..slower heart rates indicate boy! haha. and, not a few minutes later it was confirmed.......

!!!!!!!!!!!!!A little BOY!!!!!!!

We are super excited...he and Ty are going to have so much fun making me and Travis chase them around. In fact, since Ty had to come to the appt with us, as we chased him around and constantly was telling him to not GET INTO EVERYTHING...we questioned if we were ready for another little Boy. But, ready or he comes. haha. My first thought when we were told we were having a boy was, what are we going to name him...and this makes everything much easier (HAND-Me-DOWNS..woohoo)....Travis' first thought on the other hand was..."well, I guess we don't have to pay for a wedding...we'll let the Brazelton's take care of that." Lol. In case you don't know our friends...and soon to be neighbors are having a little girl Hallie James in August. Once I told Kasey, travis' thought...she replied back with 1) good thing we have an alarm system..and 2) it better be a gigantic rehearsal dinner. haha. However, when Travis was telling his Friend Trey, from back in Katy, that we were having a boy and no weddings to pay for...Trey immediately reminded him that instead we will have to buy 2 diesel trucks, 2 of every gun and 2 matthew bows...hahaa...yes, it never ends. and actually, as I type and Travis and I still soak it up...Travis just said, "well now I will for sure have to get a boat...your dad has 3 grandboys so I am kicked out." haha. Poor Trav. But, yes, although my dad is FANTASTIC with girls...considering he raised 2...he is ELATED to have grandsons to hunt and fish with! but, don't get it twisted...little Sophi has him wrapped around his finger. :) and now, travis' major concern to coach both boys little league teams..haha. oh, dear!! lol.

In a way having a boy is some-what of a relief..with all the other craziness going on in our life it's great to know that we are not going to add shopping and room decor for a little girl. That in itself makes life so much easier.

anyways, we are super names yet. To be honest, haven't really thought about it...but, now that we know it's a BOY we can start kicking some around. we are 20 weeks along so we have some time to think about it. Who knows, we might pull what my sister did..and not name him until a day after birth....NOT!! lol.

Ty having his first donut hole...we picked up donuts for the office staff since we were the first to arrive...and yes, we got half strawberry glazed for PINK and half chocolate glazed for a BOY since they didn't have any blue donuts.haha.

This is a pic of his face and left arm...his hands were by his face the whole time...and his little legs were crouched up. Nothing like his big brother who was sprawled out the entire pregnancy. haha. We couldn't get a profile pic since he was being extremely shy..and turned the wrong way. Oh well, it's always nice to have the surprise of what they look like on their birthday!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day...

Happy father's Day daddy...You have been such a great daddy and I think you are the BEST there is. i am so lucky to have you. you always play with me, chase me, tickle me, make me laugh and to swing my "bat." I love it when you come home for lunch but I hate it when you leave..but I think you for working so hard to provide for mommy and I. I love being around you and making you smile. Thanks again for being such a great dad. Love you so much, TY!

Travis really is an exceptional dad. From birth he has always helped me with ty and was never afraid to change a matter what the contents were..haha. Like many of you know...Ty, is a mini-Travis and that makes me so happy because there is nobody else who i want Ty to be like than his daddy!!! Love you Trav and thank you so much for everything you do! :)

Father's Day Kisses

and a big HUG.

Like father like son.

Ty got his daddy some monogrammed golf balls and new reef sandals. He also got him a picture of them, one of daddy's big fish and a card (he made at MDO) to take to his office. Ty is just so proud to call him daddy. Little did MDO know his daddy is such an avid was perfect.

AND...Happy father's day to my Dad!

I can't say enough on how I feel about my dad...he is a great and wonderful man and I am so proud to call him my dad. He is always there for not only me but my family as well....and we love you so much, dad! Although I am not with him for father's day I know he is having a great day relaxing on the beach with mom...probably watching the golf tournament.. Not a bad way to spend father's day!

Happy Father's Day to all you Dad's out there! The world is a better place because of you! :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Love having a NIECE!!

I have 100% enjoyed having a niece...she is just so much fun!
I love being able to dress her up in her cute clothes, add a bow and snap away with my camera...and she just lays there and lets me...for the most part..haha. She is just a natural! hehe. I love her and wish she and her big brother brady didn't live 2 hours away...:( but, when i do visit I always take the opportunity to take a few are just a few of my sweet, precious niece Sophi at 2 weeks old.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

I'm an Aunt...take 2...

My little niece, Sophia Grace, came into the world May 26, weighing 8 lbs 1 oz and 19' 3/4 inches long. Just perfect. It has been weird having a girl around, but so much fun dressing my little "sopapilla" up...considering we were use to dressing boys! still funny unwrapping her and seeing her in a dress. haha! We love her so much and she is just precious. Here are pictures of her entrance into the big world. Brady has adjusted well and is a great big brother. calls her "Stopi" and usually refers to her as, "my Stopi" as he is in the, everything is mine phase. haha. Ty has also been a great big cousin. usually wants her to wear a bow (tries to put it on her) and likes to rock her when she is in her swing. He also really likes to hold her. Guess, he's training to be a big brother! haha. It's been a lot of fun having 2 boys and now a girl...she isn't going to get away with anything...and with 2 older boys, dating is out of the question for her! hehe.

It's so much fun playing dress up! :)

Hello, little girl.

sweet, mommy kisses

proud aunt lindsey.

meme's 6th great-grandchild.

grandpa and sophi.

first time brady meeting sophi.

sweet, sweet girl.

cousins eating a snack while waiting the arrival of Sophi.

Ty doing a little dance for his cousin Sophi.

she did/does not like to be cold or undressed. haha.

Brady giving his daddy a high-five.

mom-mom and her first girl grandchild.