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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Family of FOUR!!!!

Well, my friends, although some of you already know...our family is going to expand in November...November, 3rd, to be exact. Yup, that means there is a baby cookin! haha. We found out a day after Ty's first birthday party (in February). Although we were shocked...we were super excited. and, to be honest, it really hasn't hit us yet that we are going to have another baby. but, i guess in 6 months it will! haha. yes, ty is going to have some sibling's already started. In fact, since ty has been so clingy the last few Mothers Day Out drop offs, the teachers asked "when we were going to have another baby because they noticed how clingy Ty was." They caught me! haha..So, when I told them the news, they were excited but not shocked..they knew something was up! haha..and, Our last dr. visit, Ty had to tag along and when I was being sonogrammed Ty started fussing and wanting his mommy! haha. So it could be interesting... seeing how they will be 20 months apart. We will find out in June what #2 is...we are just wanting a healthy baby. However, this pregnancy has been VERY, we'll see. It would be fun to have a girl to experience one of each, but on the other hand, it would be nice for Ty to have a brother close in age to be the very best of friends.

So, my side of the family just went from 2 babies at christmas last year to 4! Casey is due with her baby girl in just 2 short weeks! (which I can't wait for...she's going to be so fun to dress up..and take lots of pictures of, since unlike her brother and daddy, she will love the camera..haha). And, on Travis' side there will be a total of 4 2nd cousins at christmas...Travis' cousin Jennifer(and hubby Tanner) have McCain who is a day older than Ty and Travis' other cousin and wife, Josh and Jenn(not to be confused with the other Jenn...haha) , are expecting baby girl Ella on 10/2. So, our families are just growing like crazy...and it's so much fun! Plus, Travis' sister is getting hitched aug. 27th. So, it's a very busy time on both sides of our family!!! :)

So, if you did the math, I am 14 weeks (3 months)!

Here is our little baby at 6 1/2 weeks...

and here "it" is again at 11 weeks...

Our little bambino is just a-growin! And, although i can't feel it moving yet, our last sono..almost a month ago now.."it" was ALL OVER THE PLACE! Even, the dr. commented how active it was...I thought great...another "busy" baby! haha. but, what else would I expect. ha!

Currently, being 14 weeks, "it" weighs 1.5 oz..and is the size of a lemon..

We go back to the dr. next week so hopefully everything is still going good!! :)

So, that is our exciting news...we are so excited that it is out there for everyone to know!!

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