Rollin' with the Roby's

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

15 months and 16 weeks...

At 15 months our little boy Ty...or should I say, our not so little boy....which is so hard to INTO EVERYTHING. Not that he wasn't before but...he's more so now! He is really trying to run, gets his little feet going so fast but then will fall...and he's trying to jump. He gets his arms and legs bouncing but still can get no air...this white boy can't jump yet! haha. He also loves to climb...on everything.

At his checkup he was 24 lbs and 32 inches long...both in the, we have a healthy little boy.

He just got 2 new teeth...making it a total of 11...i think. ha, sometimes the sneak out of nowhere.

Oh, his favorite room is the kitchen, usually the

he is saying several words but usually says, "outside" or "ou-sie" frequently. Meaning, he loves to be outside.

Still is eating anything and everything. however, he really isn't into tomatoes or green beans right now..but his taste buds change umm.daily. He is really into dipping though.

He is in 18 month clothes, for the most part.

And, my favorite part of this age...or it could be related to my pregnancy...not sure...but, he is constantly wanting to sit in my lap! I love it....great cuddle time for a little boy who is always on the go and "busy." Lately, he has also just been grabbin and holding on tight to my leg, so when i walk I drag him along with me...if that's not the definition for clingy i am not sure what is. You can also find Ty just grabbing at my clothes, holding on tight and not letting me go. I love, love my little boy and love our time together but sometimes it's nice walking without a leech on me...haha. however, i treasure this time! I can't believe our little boy is already 15 months.

Now..for baby #2. Currently, at 16 weeks, "it" is the size of an avocado.. and weighs 3.5 oz and is 4.6 inches long. the skeletal system is developing more and more...meaning, the arms and legs are gaining more control! :) I have felt a few movements but nothing near the feeling I remember last with Ty....he was kicking the tar out of me! haha.

we go back to the dr. in a few weeks to determine the gender...wooohooo..can't wait. Will be excited either way.

So, we are doing good, just staying busy. Tomorrow we leave for abilene for the birth of my NIECE!! YAY !! we are sooooooooo excited. Can't wait to meet her. Pictures and post to come soon. While Trav and I are playing aunt and uncle I hope everybody else has a great weekend and memorial day holiday!!! :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Family of FOUR!!!!

Well, my friends, although some of you already know...our family is going to expand in November...November, 3rd, to be exact. Yup, that means there is a baby cookin! haha. We found out a day after Ty's first birthday party (in February). Although we were shocked...we were super excited. and, to be honest, it really hasn't hit us yet that we are going to have another baby. but, i guess in 6 months it will! haha. yes, ty is going to have some sibling's already started. In fact, since ty has been so clingy the last few Mothers Day Out drop offs, the teachers asked "when we were going to have another baby because they noticed how clingy Ty was." They caught me! haha..So, when I told them the news, they were excited but not shocked..they knew something was up! haha..and, Our last dr. visit, Ty had to tag along and when I was being sonogrammed Ty started fussing and wanting his mommy! haha. So it could be interesting... seeing how they will be 20 months apart. We will find out in June what #2 is...we are just wanting a healthy baby. However, this pregnancy has been VERY, we'll see. It would be fun to have a girl to experience one of each, but on the other hand, it would be nice for Ty to have a brother close in age to be the very best of friends.

So, my side of the family just went from 2 babies at christmas last year to 4! Casey is due with her baby girl in just 2 short weeks! (which I can't wait for...she's going to be so fun to dress up..and take lots of pictures of, since unlike her brother and daddy, she will love the camera..haha). And, on Travis' side there will be a total of 4 2nd cousins at christmas...Travis' cousin Jennifer(and hubby Tanner) have McCain who is a day older than Ty and Travis' other cousin and wife, Josh and Jenn(not to be confused with the other Jenn...haha) , are expecting baby girl Ella on 10/2. So, our families are just growing like crazy...and it's so much fun! Plus, Travis' sister is getting hitched aug. 27th. So, it's a very busy time on both sides of our family!!! :)

So, if you did the math, I am 14 weeks (3 months)!

Here is our little baby at 6 1/2 weeks...

and here "it" is again at 11 weeks...

Our little bambino is just a-growin! And, although i can't feel it moving yet, our last sono..almost a month ago now.."it" was ALL OVER THE PLACE! Even, the dr. commented how active it was...I thought great...another "busy" baby! haha. but, what else would I expect. ha!

Currently, being 14 weeks, "it" weighs 1.5 oz..and is the size of a lemon..

We go back to the dr. next week so hopefully everything is still going good!! :)

So, that is our exciting news...we are so excited that it is out there for everyone to know!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco de Mayo and Cinco de nueve...

Cinco de Mayo: It so wonderful to live in a place where you are surrounded by so many friends! I am so blessed to have so many great people in my life! Thanks for everybody who came out to celebrate my birthday!! It was a great time...even though I was humiliated when the waiters came out to sing "happy birthday." I was told...and could face become bright red and my eyes were watering as they sang and shook water glasses with silverware in them! haha! Nothing like a good homemade maraca! haha. cheers to number 27!! :)

Great times with great friends!

My birthday Sopapilla! yummy.

Cinco De Nueve...

Mother's day was wonderful...thanks to my sweet little boy and my super, sweet husband. Since I had been in Austin since thursday for ashley's bachlorette party (yes, with I met
travis, dad and mom at the Lake...since it's a halfway point between Austin and Midland. So Sunday, when I woke up (which was after Travis, since he and dad went fishing early that morning) I was greeted with beautiful bouquet of flowers, balloons and cards. Not only was it special to wake up to but the thought Travis had put into it was even better. He brought the flowers, balloons and cards with him from midland and hid them in a closet until sunday morning....he was so sneaky! Later I was greeted with a text from Travis that showed my mother's day gift that was back in Midland....A HAMMOCK BASE!! YAY!! he had set it up while I was gone...again, sneaky! We have had a hammock since we got married but have never gotten a base...and finally Travis got me one so we can lay in the hammock together! YAY! I was/am so excited.

Of course, I am so proud to be ty's mommy! He is such a wonderful baby and makes me smile constantly. I am so blessed!! Here is our ACTIVE little 14 month old! :)

Driving the car...

Driving Grandpa's boat...can you see a theme?

Driving the motorcycle while showing us his "tricks"...I told him that was the only motorcycle he is allowed to his life! ha.

Ashley's Fiesta...

Luckily, chase came over before the shower even started or we wouldn't have even got this picture..haha.
A little photo op before we left!

Proud daddy.

Ty's favorite toy at Gamy and Granddaddy's....the stairs..which, as you can tell by the picture, we don't let him play on! haha.

I am a little behind a lot of my posts...better late than never...haha.

This past weekend Travis, Ty and I loaded up and flew to houston for the weekend..a short weekend it was. Arriving in Houston at 8:00 p.m. friday and leaving 9:00 a.m. Sunday. It was incredibly short, we wish we could have stayed longer but the flight schedule (or lack of) these days made us have slim choices. However, we were extremely glad we got to go, short trip or not, because we got to celebrate the WEDDING SHOWER of ASHLEY!! well, and BRIAN!. It was a Mexican Fiesta...and it was Wonderful. Yes, even Ty got to attend because 1) considering most of Katy was there we had to show him off but 2) all of our babysitters were there! haha. So, I spent my time chasing around Ty..mainly, trying to get him to stay away from the pool...he wanted to go swimming the whole time! Since the shower started at 7 and Ty usually hits the hay at 7:30...about 7:30 he was done! Like I said before, the whole city of Katy was there and although Ty can be a socialite...he still gets very shy at the matter who you, needless to say he was clung to me and kind of overwhelmed him. He did re-unite with Peyton Noto, and they became fast girlfriend/boyfriend. Although that is the last thing I want Ty to be involved in....i am glad he chose Peyton! haha. She is even a couple years older. haha. They were so cute together, holding hands and even snuck in a kiss! lol. They were a hit. But, after Ty got through flirting and Peyton was ready to eat...Ty was done! Luckily, The Morgan's (where the shower was held) and the Roby's just live a few streets away from each her so Travis was able to take Ty and I back...I went upstairs, put Ty's jammies on, and put him right to bed...and to bed he went. It was 8:00 by this time and he was out. Not even a sound came out of his mouth. He was one tired boy! Unfortunately, for me, I was not able to 1) really socialize with many people since I was chasing Ty around(and, there were tons of people i would have liked to catch up with...maybe next time!!...and 2) didn't get to stay the whole time and had to slip out before gifts were being opened. :( However, Travis tried to text me to let me know what they were receiving and so on, and the next morning I got to peak to see all their glut. It is such an exciting time for Ashley and the family so we were so glad we got to celebrate with them...even if it was for just a short while! :) There were tons of pics I would have liked to take but I haven't yet mastered the skill of photography and chasing Ty! Maybe one day! ha.

Also, since we were already in town we got to attend Thomas (one of Travis' great Katy/Tech friends...Thomas was in our wedding and Travis will be in their wedding) and Lyndsay's wedding shower that was held at 4:00. It was a great time catching up and seeing them as well. Plus, since Ashley stayed home to be able to get ready for her shower, we left Ty with her since he was FINALLY napping. (there was just too much excitement all day for him to want to sleep..haha) Although it felt extremely weird not having a hand full of stuff plus a baby it was also very nice! haha.

Our Katy trip was a success and we were so glad we got to share and celebrate such a wonderful time in two couples lives!!! We are so excited for both of them! :)