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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Easter...

This Easter, like all easter's, we go to Dallas...well, Point, Tx, to the annual Cunningham Family Reunion! But, before we headed east Ty got to easter egg hunt at MDO! he came home with a bag full of eggs and goodies. Of course, his favorite eggs were the football and baseball one!! :)

Easter egg bag from MDO.

Opening his easter basket from mom-mom and grandpa.

So...on thursday evening Travis, Ty, mom and I all headed to Abilene. (It's a halfway stop before, that's were casey, daniel and brady reside. so we stopped at the Westmoreland Inn before leaving for dallas friday morning. Daniel had to do work at their farm and Casey is not allowed to travel since she'll be having her baby girl in 4 weeks!!YAY.. so Brady came along with us. Dad had been at the lake since early in the week so he meet us in abilene on friday before we left...basically, he came to rescue travis from being the only big boy in the group. So, Trav and Dad rode together and me, mom and the boys rode together. We go to Meme's house and immediately Brady wanted to hunt eggs. He was really into it this year..haha.

Saturday morning we woke up and my cousin Brandon, his little boy, Brayden, and Brandon's girlfriend, Kasey, all came to meme's to hunt eggs before heading out to the "country." This was a tradition me, casey and our cousins brandon and jackie always did before the reunion...and now that we have kept it going with her great-grandchildren. :)
Pictures of the boys in their easter outfits!

hunting eggs at meme's.

Even though it was super, super windy, very humid and didn't stop everybody from attending the Cunningham reunion. This is my dad's side. My meme is one of ten you can imagine how many people are there with up to 5 generations there. yes, it's crazy. but, a great time with great the potluck lunch, hunt hundreds of easter eggs, award ceremony all the while socializing with your closest 3rd and 4th cousins...haha. Ty has a big shoe to fill considering his mommy always won the most eggs and the most money until i was no longer able to hunt!! :( lol. This year he racked up 18 eggs and 49 not too bad..haha.

Although we attend church every sunday, easter sunday is not one of them. It is just too hard to attend church in dallas and then travel back 5 1/2 hours to midland. So, sunday is our travel day. Of course, we know the reason behind Easter and are EXTREMELY THANKFUL for our LORD and so glad he ROSE. As my college alma matter would say, "every friday is a good friday; therefore, it is not a holiday at our campus." And although i didn't like it then because I loved not having is definitely true! same goes for Easter should celebrate Christ EVERYDAY and not just EAster Sunday and Christmas! :) ok, I am off my soap box now!!

Egg hunting pics at the reunion.

here are just a few more pics of our precious Ty!!!

Hope everybody had a wonderful Easter!!!

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