Rollin' with the Roby's

Friday, April 29, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things...

Now that Ty is 14 months old, yes, it's hard to believe, HE IS IN TO EVERYTHING!!!!! haha.
Although, it is a daily workout chasing him around, it is fun to see him grow and learn and find new interests. Here are some things that he is really into right now!


He loves when he sees his "co-or" and coloring book. Although, he artistic abilities usually don't last too long because he starts to eat his colors and after several attempts of trying for him to understand, "no," means don't do that...mean mommy has to take them away. haha. It usually leaves the poor crayon without a sharp point and Ty a colorful mouth. haha. Nevertheless, he does a great job "coloring."

Fruit Snacks....

He usually doesn't discriminate on the flavor or brand of fruit long as they aren't the super hard kind. But, yes, he loves them. I believe he got this after his cousin Brady because it has become a food group in brady's diet.."nacks" as he calls it. haha.


We are so lucky that Ty actually takes his medicine extremely well. In fact, when he sees the syringe he opens his mouth, He knows the drill. haha. He is getting over a double ear infection so we are ending his 10 day antibiotic today but on top of that we would sometimes do, ibuprofen, ear drops and before the antibiotic started and he had a faucet for a nose I would give him children's clariton...SO, yes, considering his short little life...he does exceptionally well in taking medicine.


He loves any shape or form of bubbles..or "bubba" as he calls it. It can keep him entertained for quite awhile. Whenever he even sees a jar of bubbles he gets so excited and says, "bubba, bubba." haha.

Although this is really more of a fun time for me...Ty is such a sweet boy he has taken an interest in gliding as well. I have searched and searched for a glider for our front porch..for, well, 3 years now...and a month or so ago I finally found, Ty and I glide everyday...or as Ty says,
"ocks"...and in rocks. I absolutely love it and I am so glad I have Ty to sit next to me and enjoy the hot and windy weather with

He is also into climbing...but, it's hard to take pictures when I am having to get him down from the object...haha.

And he is really trying to talk and will try and repeat what you just said...oh dear!! haha.

As you can see, Ty is a busy, busy bee...but I have to brag..because it made me and his daddy very proud. There is some speculation that since Ty is so busy, and he is the spitting image of his daddy, that he may have a hard time sitting still in the school classroom. Well, wednesday night at church our class got out a little early so we went to pick up Ty from his class and they were still learning, so since ty couldn't see us, Travis and I decided just to watch him for a few minutes. Well..out of about 10 kids..OUR SON, TY, was just about the ONLY ONE, fully engaged in the teacher...he even clapped for her after she finished the song. lol. WE WERE SO PROUD!!
So, although I have never thought Ty to be a student that has a low attention span...I now have a reason to believe that he can fully pay attention! lol. :)

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Easter...

This Easter, like all easter's, we go to Dallas...well, Point, Tx, to the annual Cunningham Family Reunion! But, before we headed east Ty got to easter egg hunt at MDO! he came home with a bag full of eggs and goodies. Of course, his favorite eggs were the football and baseball one!! :)

Easter egg bag from MDO.

Opening his easter basket from mom-mom and grandpa.

So...on thursday evening Travis, Ty, mom and I all headed to Abilene. (It's a halfway stop before, that's were casey, daniel and brady reside. so we stopped at the Westmoreland Inn before leaving for dallas friday morning. Daniel had to do work at their farm and Casey is not allowed to travel since she'll be having her baby girl in 4 weeks!!YAY.. so Brady came along with us. Dad had been at the lake since early in the week so he meet us in abilene on friday before we left...basically, he came to rescue travis from being the only big boy in the group. So, Trav and Dad rode together and me, mom and the boys rode together. We go to Meme's house and immediately Brady wanted to hunt eggs. He was really into it this year..haha.

Saturday morning we woke up and my cousin Brandon, his little boy, Brayden, and Brandon's girlfriend, Kasey, all came to meme's to hunt eggs before heading out to the "country." This was a tradition me, casey and our cousins brandon and jackie always did before the reunion...and now that we have kept it going with her great-grandchildren. :)
Pictures of the boys in their easter outfits!

hunting eggs at meme's.

Even though it was super, super windy, very humid and didn't stop everybody from attending the Cunningham reunion. This is my dad's side. My meme is one of ten you can imagine how many people are there with up to 5 generations there. yes, it's crazy. but, a great time with great the potluck lunch, hunt hundreds of easter eggs, award ceremony all the while socializing with your closest 3rd and 4th cousins...haha. Ty has a big shoe to fill considering his mommy always won the most eggs and the most money until i was no longer able to hunt!! :( lol. This year he racked up 18 eggs and 49 not too bad..haha.

Although we attend church every sunday, easter sunday is not one of them. It is just too hard to attend church in dallas and then travel back 5 1/2 hours to midland. So, sunday is our travel day. Of course, we know the reason behind Easter and are EXTREMELY THANKFUL for our LORD and so glad he ROSE. As my college alma matter would say, "every friday is a good friday; therefore, it is not a holiday at our campus." And although i didn't like it then because I loved not having is definitely true! same goes for Easter should celebrate Christ EVERYDAY and not just EAster Sunday and Christmas! :) ok, I am off my soap box now!!

Egg hunting pics at the reunion.

here are just a few more pics of our precious Ty!!!

Hope everybody had a wonderful Easter!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

"Ty, Be Careful"

Since Ty has really started WALKING (the event we have waited for..especially the last few months has finally arrived). I know you parents are, you really don't want them to start walking. Call me crazy, but, actually, I did. I feel like if he is going be mobile I would rather him walk than crawl or what Ty seemed to do most..bear crawl..haha! Walking allows his knees not to be scrapped up, the knees in his jeans worn and we are able to play outside better. So, yes, walking his a huge help in my world!! :) but, don't kid yourself...he still looks at you with those eyes, raises his arms up at you and wants to be carried...and of course I do..because I still treasure that time! :)

SO..back on track...since Ty has been walking he has also been more into climbing as well. He has been a climber since about 11 months but it has gotten my eyes..travis likes his new found confidence..haha. For example, Today we finally got our garden up and in business. Of course, Ty had to help...he likes to do whatever you are he helped Travis rake.

After a little bit of work he decided he was tired of gardening and was ready to go play, so off he went. We had turned back to our gardening duties for just a bit..when I looked back to check on Ty and he had walked over to his turtle sandbox, taken off the lid himself (yes, he is very strong..he takes after his mommy...haha..ya right) and climbed in and was playing. We both laughed but we actually though, hmm..this new independence is kinda nice..haha.

Since Travis was such a great husband this morning and mowed the yard before the scorching sun of Midland came on us...he had to move Ty's slide toy from the grass yard onto the brick pavers in the backyard...which placed it next to his sandbox. Apparently, Ty got tired of playing in the sandbox and wanted to play on the slide set...So, While travis and I were still being farmers, and thought he was still safe in the sandbox..when I turn to check on him (yes, you'll come to realize, I am constantly checking on him) he had climbed up the wall part of the slide and is standing up "driving the boat" (a toy attached to the slide). Keep in raises up a good 3 feet(maybe) from the ground. So, when I see him standing up there with brick pavers underneath I suddenly start running for him..saying, "Ty, Be Careful." Of course, Travis is soooo proud of him..and i am as well, but I have that protective mommy trait about me and think of the worse case scenario. So, we both decide the grass is the best place for the toy and promptly move it back to it's original the grass. So, the rest of the time he is constantly climbing up and even tries to climb up the slide to the top...that one was a little tricky for I call out, "Ty, Be careful," Travis is yelling encouraging words to keep going..haha! I know, I have a lot to learn being a mommy of a little boy! ahhh..but, it is so scary..the last thing I want is for Ty to get hurt! That's why Ty is going to be a baseball and track star..and not playing football j/k!!! LOL..travis doesn't quite agree there..haha!

While Ty was occupying himself by doing "boy"things Trav and I finished our garden...tomatoes, cucumbers, jalapenos and squash. YAY! we are so excited to see our crop come out!! Hopefully, it's a good year for us..haha. Of course, when we brought out the water hose Ty was back in the gardening action. HE LOVES WATER!!! so, of course, he helped "water" and by water I mean, play in it! However, as the picture below describes, I did get his watering can out and let him help us water our family garden!! :) SUch a good helper!
Our garden!

Also, Ty has his own chair that usually backs up to the couch in the back of the den. Well, recently, he has decided he 1)either needs to stand up and bounce or 2)climb up to the couch from the chair. In fact, right now, he is all about trying to climb up into chairs, beds, couches..etc! He's just turned into a little monkey! haha. But, actually, its a great thing because he climbs up and wants to sit in my lap...LOVE IT!!! :)

Anyways, as you can tell, since I have the protective trait..I constantly find myself repeating this phrase..."Be careful Ty baby." However, to my defense, I have gotten better about not running to his rescue immediately and letting him learn and take some spills...which, he usually laughs about and tries again! oh dear, what have we created! LOL!!

But, what mommy of this cute bottom wouldn't be protective..haha!!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Busy Bee..

The reason I have been so busy lately is because Brady has been with us all week...although I love it and love him...chasing around a 1 year old and a 2 year old keeps me constantly on the go!! ha! We have had a great time and I can't believe it's already friday! Our days usually consist of playing...and more playing and we do take a daily outing somewhere. Ty loves playing with "ba" and Brady loves looking out for "Ty".Brady is always very concerned about "ty's cup"and wants him to have it at ALL TIMES!! haha. He is also a good babysitter and when ty is into something he shouldn't be, "NO, Ty" is usually the command.

Ty's newest favorite buttons..especially the green one on the far right...aka the start button..ahh!

We do work on sharing because typically everything is, "mine" these days..haha.but for the most part they do extremely well together. Brady is working on his colors right now, so I try and keep him educated while he is at "isey's" house. When you ask Brady what color that object is he typically replies.."red" regardless of the correct i said, he's still working on it. lol. but "gen" and "pu-ple" are also favorites..haha.

They are both super sweet boys and have a great time together.

Happy Birthday Mom...

Although Mom's birthday was last week, April 9th, I thought it was never too late to say "happy birthday" via blog! haha! Please forgive me, I have been extremely busy since last'll see why! :) But...Happy Birthday to the BEST MOM in the world. My mom has always been my biggest fan from academics, athletics, labor..etc!! she is and has always been there for not only me but my sister as well! I have always appreciated my mom and have always been close, except for a period of time in high school...haha, that for you Casey (inside joke); however, it wasn't until I became a mom myself how I valued my mom even more! She is an incredible woman who is extremely intelligent and a great woman of God's word...and of course, beautiful..inside and out! I could go on and on but I don't have the most of time right now!

For mom's birthday it never fails...the PBOBI(permian basin oilman's bass invitational) tournament to raise money for The Make-A-Wish Foundation is always held on her birthday!!and since my wonderful dad is in charge of the event that means he is at the lake, without mom, on her birthday! and, now that I have married a man who has a love for fishing and enters the's always just me, mom and now Ty for majority of the week. However, this year Casey and Brady came into town and surprised, yes, I was able to contain my excitement in order for her surprise, for her birthday! They got in around dinner time friday night and mom was just elated...and super shocked. Since Casey was, at the time, 32 weeks was even more shocked they came since that would be her last week of travel before "baby girl"...yes, no name's killin me!! arrives! :) anways, like I said before, since Travis was also gone Ty and I packed our bags and also spent the night at my was a slumber party! haha! It was great!

The morning of her birthday, Saturday, we surprised mom with her favorite coffee cake from McKay's Bakery in Abilene..casey brought it with her. We lite sparkler candles and had a breakfast celebration. Afterwards, we did what we girls always do when we are together...SHOP! Although, this shopping trip was different...we went to Stanton to the Old Sorehead Trade Days..but with the super gusty winds and 2 sleepy/hungry boys we didn't last too long..but actually, we were there a couple of hours and went to the vendors we love! But, of course I think it wore all of us out! ha! Once we got home and the boys napped...we went shopping for Brady a new BIG BOY bed..since he is literally hanging out of his crib..haha..but, with baby sister coming he's getting booted out of the crib. So..that again was a workout! ha! When we got home and ty went down for another nap..he was exhausted...Mom did get to lay out for just a little while...which could be considered her all time favorite thing to do!! So, we were glad she got to do that! We had dinner and brought out a delicious birthday cake for mom...brady enjoyed it as well but poor ty was already asleep! haha!

It was a great weekend and we are just extremely grateful and blessed to have such a wonderful mom! :) love you mom!
we decorated her bedroom entrance, kitchen entrance and above the bar...haha.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What Ty's up too..

So, in case you were/are wondering what our little Ty is up is a little glimpse. Now at 13 months...he is VERY busy...not that he wasn't before but..even more so now! :) He is quite the little ham. Let's see...

He is really starting to walk..yay, we have waited for this day for that is fun to watch

When you ask him a question, rather he really wants it or not, he'll shake is head, no. (video2)

He knows how to do an elephant sound. He'll get his trunk out (his right arm) and go, brrr...or however you spell an elephant sound..haha. it's pretty cute.

He'll sometimes tell you what a dog says, "woof woof" or i should say, "oof oof"

When you ask where "ty's belly is," he'll pull his shirt up and reveal his belly.

He loves playing in the water.

His favorite song is the Itzy bitzy spider...his favorite motions are the spider and sun..again, really cute!

He likes to use his fork when he eats and doesn't care for your fact, he doesn't like your help for anything these days. ha.

Oh! he got his 9th tooth the other day. that was a shocker to see. haha. we had no idea.

and, he is quite the little talker....just wish we knew what he was saying.

he still loves to clap at music..any music..and still loves his beloved MickeyMouse.