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Sunday, March 6, 2011


Although this BLog is primarily about Ty...I thought I would share this little story about his momma...

I grew up in a small town, actually, Greenwood is not a town but instead a school district 15 miles (depending on where you are going) east of Midland. Since it was a small town there was just 2 school buildings..1 building housed pre-k -6 and the other building that was seperated by the football field housed 7-12. knew everybody, everybody's parents and everybody's grandparents..haha. but, it was great. I moved out to greenwood in 4th grade and my friends back then are still my great friends today. With a small town you have a close community that comes together to support each other. Which still stays true to this matter how long it's been since you've been a Greenwood Rangerette or Ranger. :)

A friend of mines husband..her highschool sweetheart... was tragically killed responding to a call as a State Trooper a few months ago in Post, TX. Not only did she lose her husband but also her sweet baby girls daddy...who at the time was 8(ish) months old. It's a tragic story and my cliffnoted version doesn't give it much justice but just typing it still breaks my heart and brings tears to my eyes. Soo...on a happy note, again cliff-noted version, A friend of laura's in post organized a 5K run in honor of Jon but due to laura's big heart she requested the proceeds go to a 2 year old girl who has a mal-nutrition disorder and is fed via TPN.

Once the news was out about the run...several of us Greenwood girls...reunited and went to support laura, celebrate jon, and benefit Brynne..the little girl. It was a great time for a great cause..and it's great to see that almost 10 years after HS we still come together to support each other. Although, we wish the circumstances were different.
Here's several of us with Laura at the run...lifelong greenwood friends. class of 2002!

Friday, those who live out of town came to Midland and all 13 of us gathered for dinner and were able to catch up! It's crazy that we are all..well mostly all..haha..are married and most have kids..some even 2! It doesn't feel like we are old enough for that! ha. Saturday we left Midland at 6:30 to be there by 9 for the 5k run and 1k walk. Like most girls, we just wanted to talk , so we did the 1K walk...but we actually went a little further and did 2miles..haha. Frankie...although a boy, has always been just "one of the girls"haha but ran the 5k and represented by getting 2nd place in his division..only to be beaten by a HS cross country not fair. We were proud of him...If the name Frankie sounds familiar to you..yes, he's the one who introduced travis and I together!!!! :)

Anyways, it was a great time for a great time and we were all so glad to get to be apart of the wonderful even.

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