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Monday, March 28, 2011

Brady's 2nd Birthday...

Happy Birthday Brady!!

On March 19, 2009 my super, sweet, nephew...Brady Cole was born. So... as you have probably done the math...and he is now 2! It is soo hard to believe our Brady Bear is entering his terrible two years...and although his momma might disagree...Brady is still a little angel in his Aunt "e" eyes. Brady can't say Lindsey just yet, so I am "e" but actually, he will sometimes say, "esie"haha. Since his birthday fell on the last weekend of spring break, we started celebrating early with a girls trip (me, mom and casey...and of course, brady and ty).. to fort worth to shop. yes, you are right...that was more for us and not for brady...but, don't kid yourself..he got plenty too!! haha! On our way home we got to stop in Aledo to see our newest little member of the family. My cousin Brittany had a baby boy, Riley, a month we got to stop and meet him. He was just so cute and little and slept through all our craziness! ha!

cruising through the zoo in the limo!

Brady telling us what a bear says, "roar"

silly monkeys

ty's favorite part of the zoo...holding on to the railing...he never wanted to let go! ha.

hello mr. giraffe

Finally, saturday came and it was officially Brady's 2nd birthday. Brady's favorite toys are trains so Casey and Daniel had a train themed birthday party. So, since the party didn't start until 2 that morning Me, Casey, Daniel, mom,brady and ty went to the Abilene Zoo. (dad and travis were at the lake fishing that morning) We mainly went because they have a train to ride and we thought that would be a perfect way to start his birthday...but of course, it wasn't going that day! bummer. so, we just enjoyed the zoo. It was Ty's first trip to the Zoo and he loved it. He saw all kinds of animals. Once we got back to the hosue and the boys napped...(well Ty at least..Brady just talked in his bed...he was a little too excited to nap...haha..) the festivities began! The house was full of family and kids! Brady had such a great time, playing chase (which was really, really cute by the way), playing with bubbles, with the water table (it was a beautiful day out) and of course, the sand box. It then came time for brady to open his gifts...but, he had to pass his cake first...and of course, he spied his, we had cake and then opened and yes, Ty endulged as well. ha!

It was a great birthday party and we can't believe our brady bear is 2! but, it's going to be a great year for him...he is going to be a BIG BROTHER in may...we are so excited! and he is going to be a great, great big brother. and his favorite friends at daycare just got moved up to his class with they are reunited and i know he is so happy! haha. We love you bradybear! :)

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