Rollin' with the Roby's

Monday, March 28, 2011

Cousin Camp

This past weekend Travis'..cousin, non-cousin, (it could get into a long story, but for the cliff noted version...Travis and amy are not blood cousins but have always been so close since one side of travis' family is cousins with amy's...they just consider themselves cousins! ha..ok, now you are in the loop. :) Anyways, Amy got married 3-26-11 and she was absolutely stunning and had a beautiful wedding. A great time was had by all. So...since they wedding was in Houston on saturday, Ty and I drove down on tuesday so we could spend time with Gamy and Granddaddy for a few extra days. Travis had to stay and work so he flew in on thursday night! (then we all drove home together on sunday). While we were there I convinced Jennifer (McCain's mommy) to let McCain come out to Katy for a few days so he and Ty could have cousin camp! For those who don't know, McCain is a day older than Ty and lives in Houston so we don't get to see him too often :( so we take advantage of the time when we are together. and i knew with all the wedding festivies later in the week our time would fly, wednesday morning McCain's trooper, Gram, aka Becky, drove from Liberty to Houston to get McCain and then to Katy so he could spend a couple of days with us! The two boys had such a great time....eating, playing and talking away to each other. McCain tried to teach Ty how to walk and Ty tried to teach McCain how to sleep through the night but, unfortunately, neither one was successful. haha! It was so fun seeing them really interact and play. They honestly, played so well together. They both have the sweetest personalities and so of course, it was easy and fun. Their main playroom was the kitchen...and not for eating purposes...for playing. they loved getting into the cabinets and drawers and finding, pots, lids, Tupperware and cookie cutters (plastic of course)...they would be entertained for hours. Of course, we took some walks...and the second day they slept through the walk. We were sad when McCain left on thursday night but he and Ty were reunited at the rehearsal dinner. However, sweet McCain feel asleep and got to leave early...but our party boy Ty, stayed and entertained us and a few other tables! haha. Finally a little before 11 he crashed in cousin Jenn's arms! haha! I know Ty can't wait for cousin camp to happen again and neither can I. It was a great, great time. Although both boys acted great at the rehearsal dinner....both had babysitters for the wedding! :) Thanks again Brooke for playing with ty....he loved you! :)

Day 1 lunch...yummy!

The mickey mouse car was a hit (glad I brought it) was so sweet seeing them taking turns pushing each other.

They even hit the town and went to dinner wed. night with gigi and great-granddadddy.

Fun in the tub.

Jack and Wyatt Robertson stopped by for awhile to play...and we were so glad they did. But, Jack had to leave, there was a Popsicle waiting for him at "gabby's" house! lol. He is just precious. Here is a picture of what's to come, age wise. Wyatt 5 months, Ty and McCain 13 months and Jack 2 1/2! fun, fun times.

Brady's 2nd Birthday...

Happy Birthday Brady!!

On March 19, 2009 my super, sweet, nephew...Brady Cole was born. So... as you have probably done the math...and he is now 2! It is soo hard to believe our Brady Bear is entering his terrible two years...and although his momma might disagree...Brady is still a little angel in his Aunt "e" eyes. Brady can't say Lindsey just yet, so I am "e" but actually, he will sometimes say, "esie"haha. Since his birthday fell on the last weekend of spring break, we started celebrating early with a girls trip (me, mom and casey...and of course, brady and ty).. to fort worth to shop. yes, you are right...that was more for us and not for brady...but, don't kid yourself..he got plenty too!! haha! On our way home we got to stop in Aledo to see our newest little member of the family. My cousin Brittany had a baby boy, Riley, a month we got to stop and meet him. He was just so cute and little and slept through all our craziness! ha!

cruising through the zoo in the limo!

Brady telling us what a bear says, "roar"

silly monkeys

ty's favorite part of the zoo...holding on to the railing...he never wanted to let go! ha.

hello mr. giraffe

Finally, saturday came and it was officially Brady's 2nd birthday. Brady's favorite toys are trains so Casey and Daniel had a train themed birthday party. So, since the party didn't start until 2 that morning Me, Casey, Daniel, mom,brady and ty went to the Abilene Zoo. (dad and travis were at the lake fishing that morning) We mainly went because they have a train to ride and we thought that would be a perfect way to start his birthday...but of course, it wasn't going that day! bummer. so, we just enjoyed the zoo. It was Ty's first trip to the Zoo and he loved it. He saw all kinds of animals. Once we got back to the hosue and the boys napped...(well Ty at least..Brady just talked in his bed...he was a little too excited to nap...haha..) the festivities began! The house was full of family and kids! Brady had such a great time, playing chase (which was really, really cute by the way), playing with bubbles, with the water table (it was a beautiful day out) and of course, the sand box. It then came time for brady to open his gifts...but, he had to pass his cake first...and of course, he spied his, we had cake and then opened and yes, Ty endulged as well. ha!

It was a great birthday party and we can't believe our brady bear is 2! but, it's going to be a great year for him...he is going to be a BIG BROTHER in may...we are so excited! and he is going to be a great, great big brother. and his favorite friends at daycare just got moved up to his class with they are reunited and i know he is so happy! haha. We love you bradybear! :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Travis...

Happy Birthday To the best 28 year old in the whole world!

Can't believe my husband is 28! haha! My life has been 100% better since this little (now big) bundle of joy has come into my life...and now he's a dad...and the best dad at that. Ty and I are lucky, lucky people. Travis is the most caring, loving, big hearted "baby boy" you'll ever know. He makes everyone laugh and usually has me rolling, typically nightly, on his histerical comments. He is a great, great husband but I have to admit...he's an even better father to Ty! Actually, if you want to see trav as a baby I could have just posted a picture of Ty as he is the spitting image of his father. :)If you are ever in Katy and want a good laugh or just to see something adorable...ask the Roby's too see a home video...there are some classics! haha..just thinking of them makes me chuckle. Travis was such a cute little boy...inside and out...and that stays true 28 years later. I haven't met a single person who doesn't like "Roby." I am so proud to have him as my arm candy when we go out and when we first got married I loved calling him my "husband."

If you know Travis, which mostly everybody does, you know he loves to eat! Therefore, for his birthday that's what we revolve around! And, he likes to celebrate on weekends to really appreciate his day of birth! :) So, after church we went and got breakfast burritos (we get out of church at 9:45) and also got stuff to make his favorite..homeade bbq, chicken pizza for lunch. Here's a funny lunch time came and he was ready to make his pizzas and we had the oven preheating..Ty was in his highchair eating his lunch...when all of a sudden our power flickered and then cut off! We looked at each other and said, "what in the world just happend." Well, our neighbors across the alley were having their trees trimmed and a branch fell on the power line and broke it. AAHHHH! we couldn't believe it. So....we already had the pizzas ready to I call my mom and ask to borrow their oven..well of course, something was wrong with theirs and the oven guy was supposed to fix it last week but got the flu and cancelled....BUT, luckily, they have an oven on the grill so we just used that!! YAY! Travis could now eat his pizza he had been thinking about..oh, i am sure since church....haha! and, our power came back a couple hours later!! phew!

We had a relaxing day and for dinner went over to my parents to celebrate his birthday...were he had cake....came home opened his gifts from Ty and I and had more!

Anyways, although I nkow all of you know how great Travis is I just wanted to share again how special he is to Ty and I!!!

Happy Birthday Trav!

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Although this BLog is primarily about Ty...I thought I would share this little story about his momma...

I grew up in a small town, actually, Greenwood is not a town but instead a school district 15 miles (depending on where you are going) east of Midland. Since it was a small town there was just 2 school buildings..1 building housed pre-k -6 and the other building that was seperated by the football field housed 7-12. knew everybody, everybody's parents and everybody's grandparents..haha. but, it was great. I moved out to greenwood in 4th grade and my friends back then are still my great friends today. With a small town you have a close community that comes together to support each other. Which still stays true to this matter how long it's been since you've been a Greenwood Rangerette or Ranger. :)

A friend of mines husband..her highschool sweetheart... was tragically killed responding to a call as a State Trooper a few months ago in Post, TX. Not only did she lose her husband but also her sweet baby girls daddy...who at the time was 8(ish) months old. It's a tragic story and my cliffnoted version doesn't give it much justice but just typing it still breaks my heart and brings tears to my eyes. Soo...on a happy note, again cliff-noted version, A friend of laura's in post organized a 5K run in honor of Jon but due to laura's big heart she requested the proceeds go to a 2 year old girl who has a mal-nutrition disorder and is fed via TPN.

Once the news was out about the run...several of us Greenwood girls...reunited and went to support laura, celebrate jon, and benefit Brynne..the little girl. It was a great time for a great cause..and it's great to see that almost 10 years after HS we still come together to support each other. Although, we wish the circumstances were different.
Here's several of us with Laura at the run...lifelong greenwood friends. class of 2002!

Friday, those who live out of town came to Midland and all 13 of us gathered for dinner and were able to catch up! It's crazy that we are all..well mostly all..haha..are married and most have kids..some even 2! It doesn't feel like we are old enough for that! ha. Saturday we left Midland at 6:30 to be there by 9 for the 5k run and 1k walk. Like most girls, we just wanted to talk , so we did the 1K walk...but we actually went a little further and did 2miles..haha. Frankie...although a boy, has always been just "one of the girls"haha but ran the 5k and represented by getting 2nd place in his division..only to be beaten by a HS cross country not fair. We were proud of him...If the name Frankie sounds familiar to you..yes, he's the one who introduced travis and I together!!!! :)

Anyways, it was a great time for a great time and we were all so glad to get to be apart of the wonderful even.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

12 month pics...

Finally....Ty's 12 month pics! He is just so adorable and we love him more and more each and everyday!! :)