Rollin' with the Roby's

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Our Baby Boy is 1...

For Ty's birthday Party we just had both sets of grandparents, aunts, great-grandmoter and cousin was a perfect day. It began at 11:30 and we had hamburger sliders, chips, and fruit salad and of course, cupcakes. Ty had is own individual cake. It was funny because we brought his cake out with his "1" candle lit and of course, he reached for it...travis and I both reacted fast and said, "no" and I think our reaction scared him, which inturn, made him afraid of the here came the tears! Hey, it is his bday and he can cry if he wants too..haha. SO, after several failed attempts at trying to make nice with the cake in his high chair I had to get him out, hold him, and remind him that cake was DELISH and it was not scary! haha..SO, after a few fed bites he was back in the cake eating game...and was able to go back to his chair and demolish his cake. :) Afterwards, we opened ALL his gifts...he is soooooooo spoiled but to me, that just means he is so loved by we allow He LOVED all of his gifts and played so hard so it then became nap time. My family all left to go back to my parents house (since they live a whole mile down the street) where we gathered together again for dinner! It was a great, great celebration for Ty and today (sunday) he is just soo tired he might require 3 naps..haha.

Happy Birthday to our sweet, sweet baby! He is the joy of our life and is our greatest blessing. He lights up our life and constantly makes us smile...he is such a funny boy! His real birthday was on friday but we celebrated saturday with our family. It was a great,great time and I can't believe the day had already arrived. We had a great time hanging out and celebrating our little babies birth.

OH! and not only did he turn one this weekend...but he ate his first Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich...which he Loved. I had not doubt about him liking it but i was more afraid of a peanut allergy...but, minutes went by and no reaction and still today I believe we are in the clear. I am actually excited about his like of PB since it can not become a "go-to" lunch, snack..etc. :) plus, lets be honest...he truly can't be a Roby if he doesn't like PB..haha. :)

At 1...Ty is jut loving life...

-working hard on his 9th and 10th teeth...they are not being very nice.

- still not walking by himself...his confidence still isn't there but we anticipate it anytime...frankly, he thinks he can just crawl faster than he can walk...he must get his lack of patience from his mommy...sorry baby.
-wears 12 months pants but 18 month everything else.
-loves to laugh. peek a boo is still a favorite game.
- into climbing up included.
- he is basically just a busy bee...very, very curious.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Waited a whole YEAR for this...

Since today was ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL in Midland we took advantage and decided to take Ty's birthday Cake pictures! Needless to say, he LOVED it. As usual, he was not too sure about what that round thing was..and why we were cheering him on to devour it...but, only after a few seconds he grabbed the "1" candle and instantly put it in his mouth. Once he realized what it tasted like he dug in for more. And by dug in..i mean it literally. He used the "1" candle to scoop cake out and then would place the candle in his a spoon. haha. Which kinda doesn't surprise me considering he loves eating with utensils..(fork and spoon)..or at least attempting at eating civilized! ha. Anyways, Travis did help shove a hand of Ty's into the cake to let him know it's ok..this eat like a barbaric little boy. :) When a piece of cake/icing would fall off his "spoon" or off his face he would quickly say, "ah oh" and then grab that piece and eat it with a no crumbs left behind attitude. He came home, played a little while, and then went down for a nap so i guess he didn't get too much of a sugar rush! ha. Can't believe our baby boy is about to be 1 in a week...still doesn't seem real! :(.

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Our little Valentine...

Happy Valentines Day to all....Ty was all dressed up for the ladies at Mothers Day Out. He's the stud of the class...haha! Hope everyone has a great day!

Oh! and here's a shout out to my precious nephew Brady, pretty sister and little baby girl (she has no name we call her "baby girl." :) yes, the boys are in matching outfits..:)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day...

Today was Ty's first sight of snow...and yes, we were in Midland. So, although it was a windchill of -3 outside I had to get a picture of Ty in the snow in case he doesn't see it again. haha. But, our photo session only lasted a minute...and then back inside to the warmth we went.
We were hoping Travis' office would close due to road condition..but, like the schools here, no such luck. :( But, there is always tomorrow since it doesn't look like the winter conditions are going to change...crossing our fingers for a family snowed in day! :) hehe.