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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

11 months

Our little Boy is 11 months...well, yesterday, on the 25th he was! He is the light of our life and always brings a smile to our face as well as laughter...he is quite the entertainer these days. Oh! Little time flies.

At 11 months Ty....
-isn't walking yet. He is the speed crawler and a running maching with his walking toys but other than that can really care less to walk by himself. he can stand by himself for a few seconds but then he's had enough...haha. By the way, "walking toys" are anything that is his height that can be pushed...this includes, any toy without wheels; for example, music table, giraffe bike, slide (that's in his sunday school class at church...he impressed the ladies by pushing the slide all over the room..haha). It's really funny the things that he pushes...he's pretty strong for a little guy.

-he laughs and laughs...sometimes just at absolutely nothing..he just busts out in laughter. He's more than likely laughing at his goofy parents but nevertheless it's really cute and funny.

-He is completely off bottles and formula...not by his mommy's choice but bc he thinks he's too cool for that stuff. A few weeks ago he decided he didn't want a bottle so i tricked him and put formula in a sippy cup..which he liked. but, still didn't want all the formula...I think he just didn't care for a particular formula that we have so we used up the rest of another kind and instead of buying more I just took a risk and gave him cow's milk...which he loves! so far no allergic reaction so hopefully we are good! :)

-Still has 8 teeth although teeths like crazy but no new teefers yet. still in size 3 diapers and 12-18 month clothes..although carpenter jeans aren't the best fit for his "tiny hiney"!

-loves to clap, do the touchdown signal, play with cooper, play with any cord he can find(ahhh), help mommy put on her makeup...OHHH!! a new favorite is unraveling the toilet paper rolls...that's fun! haha.

-another new action our sweet Ty does is...he has a "snuggie" that he's slept with from birth. It's a bear or dog(not so sure) head attached to a soft blanket..sounds creepy the way I described it but it's really cute and soft. Anyways, like I said, he's had it since birth and just recently he wants to carry it everywhere. Everytime Travis or I go get him from his bed he always wants to bring along his "snuggie." It's super cute and sweet. Then when he gets to playing and sees his "friend" he'll high-tail it to his rescue, gets really excited, then gives it good sugars...soooo sweet! haha.

-speaking of sugars..Ty loves to blow kisses when somebody says "bye" and when you ask for a kiss he'll open his mouth wide and pretty much "maule" you with slobbery kisses..but they are absolutely the best! :)

well...i could go on an on about our sweet baby boy, but I know yall just like looking at the picutres so here ya go! His 1 year old party is just around the corner..and I am not sure we are ready for that! :)
This sunday at church they are having a baby blessing for all new babies born in 2010...that includes our baby Ty! we are so excited to show him off and for he and us to be blessed! LOVE HIM!

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

christmas #5...

Ty on his mickey mouse clubhouse fire truck.
he loved his horse.

playing with Gamy.
Christmas day was fun-filled and Ty was spoiled even more! We had such a great day lounging around and cuddled up since it was actually very, very cold. Lets back up to Christmas Eve. It was a beautiful day in Katy. Travis had gone duck(i think) scouting with some friends and since Cooper had been "cooped" (haha, no pun intended) up in the backyard for a few days we (me, ty, amy and trae) decided to take a walk. There is a great walking path...actually the sign says, "hiking and biking trail"...but lets get real...who calls it hiking when you aren't walking on an incline? and when they say "biking", people bust out their expensive, "i am a legit biker"bikes and zoom through the park. nevertheless, it is a cemented trail that begins with grass and a few oak trees (not sure if that is really what they are but it sounds and curves into a pine tree is then a curvy path and once you keep on going you wind up to a river...(but, we typically never go that far). So anyways, those that know our 2 1/2 year old lab, Cooper, you know that he has A LOT of energy, especially when he has been confined to small spaces for awhile. Well, we get to the path and Cooper is just dying to run..and by run, I mean, Super sprint. Since nobody really wanted to run that fast, nor could we, we let go of his leash and just let him roam. It was perfect because we hadn't seen a soul out. In fact, I believe I even commented, "wow, this is the first time on this trail I haven't seen anybody." Well, Just as I said that her zooms some bikers. Luckily, cooper was so into his sniffing and roaming he paid them no attention...whew, no incidents. After that we saw several bikers and a few walkers. but being the good dog Cooper is he acted like they didn't even exist. :) good dog Cooper! We decide to turn around so we could get back to the house in order to freshen up before heading to Nana's (pronounced nanny..hehe)and Granddaddy's house and then onto Candlelight service. WE were almost on the home stretch and in the curvy part and cooper was crossing the path when all of a sudden a biker showed up and startled cooper so he just paused in the middle of the path and the biker was swerving trying to miss him when the biker just fell over...since the serious bikers have those spiky shoes that fit into the pedals prohibiting them from just jumping off. I could sense his frustration so i just grabbed coopers leash and kept walking. I wanted to apologize but I knew he was just so mad. After that incident I just kept hold of his leash. Then, I mean, maybe a few yards from the end of the walk we passed a man who was somehow thinking he could walk his dog (on leash) and ride a bike at the same! brave man in my books. Anyways, Cooper is a very funny dog. Usually dogs bark at cooper but he never barks back but just stares at them and wonders what the big deal is. Well, for some reason...the first time in his young life...that we can remember, Cooper actually barked back at this man's dog. He was so rawled up that he started sprinting...since i didn't want to let him go he drug me along. When we passed the man on his bike trying to walk his dog, the dog tried to go after cooper and pulled his owner over on his It was really funny and it even makes me chuckle while I type this story. It just reminded me of the "Marley and Me" story. hahaha! Luckily, that man was laughing as well and was much nicer than the previous man. but hey, it's kinda his fault for thinking he can ride a bike and "walk" a dog at the same time. :) Never a dull moment with our family! lol. So, after our walk we got cleaned up and headed to nana and granddaddy's to hang out with them for awhile and then we all went to Candlelight service...Ty wanted his own candle but being the mean parents we are we didn't let him near one..haha. Afterwards we went to a favorite restaurant..China View...luckily, the favorite dining establishment was one of the few that were open on christmas eve. After eating we headed home and went to bed so santa could come in the morning. :)
Cooper got to come inside with us.
cute puzzle from McCain.
soft blocks not only to build with but even better...can chew on them
sports toy from aunt ashley and brian.
Ty loves books.
cute, cute stool from ty's great aunt becky and uncle david.
precious ornament from cousin Josh and Jenn.
Christmas morning we woke up and opened our gifts and lounged around. Travis, ty and I went and visited Trey Everett's family (travis' best friend growing up) which is a yearly tradition since they were little boys...although the older they get the later the arrival time is..haha. After showing off ty, and Ty falling asleep over there...we went back to the house we we lounged some more until it was dinner time and ate a delicious meal!
It was a great, great holiday and we were all spoiled. But, above all the gifts we are so thankful for our heavenly father and his sacrifice and for all the blessings he's given our families, whom we are grateful for each and everyday!

christmas #3 and #4.

Christmas #3 was celebrated with the whole Roby family. It was so great getting to see everybody even though we wished it lasted longer than for just one night. Ty and McCain had a great time playing together and provided the entertainment. However, this is an exciting time for the family with 2 precious boys crawling around and 2 beautiful girls (amy and ashley) getting married in march(amy) and then in august(ashley). So needless to say, there was TONS to catch up on and talk about! Plus, we celebrated Granddaddy's (Ty's Great- granddaddy) 84th birthday! What a wonderful family get together!

McCain and Ty with Great Granddaddy and Gigi.

2 future all-stars! :)

sweet, sweet McCain
the boys in their christmas jammies.
84 and still going strong.
boys waiting on their slice of bday cake..haha.
ty with cousin Jenn.
The roby family.
Christmas #4 was celebrated with the Devine's for the annual Roby/Devine christmas. The Devine's and Roby's have been friends since grade school and have remained best friends and put a night during christmas aside for a get-together. and what a great time it is.
Little Jack eating his "nana"

Ty all ready for the Roby/Devine christmas and ready to play with Jack and Wyatt.
kids table.
sweet hugs from jack.
cute boys playing so nicely together.
ty was soooo spoiled.
Both christmas's were such a great time and we wish we could see everybody more often but it makes you treasure the time when we are together. We love all of you! thanks for such a wonderful time.