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Monday, December 6, 2010

Oh, Cooper!!

This year for our christmas pictures my sister....WHO IS EXPECTING AGAIN...YAY! I get to be an aunt to another little baby in May! WOOHOO!! sorry sister, i had to tell!

anyways, back to my sister graciously came out into the cold weather with us to snap a few shots.

Of course, cooper is always in our pictures, and contrary to some beliefs, cooper is actually a very smart dog..even though he doesn't have a natural love for hunting! haha! So, we took some shots of the Whole family and then decided to sit Ty on the tree limb(it was safe and we were right there) for some "just ty" pictures. Since Ty was sitting there so nicely..and being so cute...travis and I ran behind the tree limb to the backside and put our faces in the picture with Ty, leaving cooper out! Well, cooper didn't like that, so..all of a sudden Cooper puts his front legs on the tree branch just like trav and I were doing and said, "hey guys, you couldn't see me down there." It was so funny! here is the initial picture. Notice the shock on our faces and travis reaction..hence, why his head is only half way there. It was too funny.

SO, we just went with it and got some cute pictures. Of course, then Ty didn't want to look at the camera bc he wanted to stare at his pal cooper...but, it was a funny, there is the story behind that! here are some of the other pictures my sister did a wonderful job at taking. In fact, when I had them printed I had a call from the lab asking for the photographers consent to print the pictures. I had to call them back and say that my sister was then one who took them GREAT job sister.

Ty...the little boy who can't sit still! haha.

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