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Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas #2...

After church, and rooting on the cowboys(who won by the way!!)...p.s. Ty's new trick is when you say, "touchdown" he'll do the touchdown sign...haha..he's soo cute! but, after sunday funday the Roby's packed up and went home...the whole mile down the street where we did our family christmas before we head to Katy.

Goooo Cowboys.
The boys first blanket fort house...haha.

Brady helping Ty to walk. haha.

Peek-a-boo ty.
Now our family christmas time!
Ty opening his gift from his mommy and daddy. we only got us 1 gift this year bc we figured the grandparents and family were going to spoil him! and boy were we right...after 1 christmas he already racked up a number of toys!
we got him a little tikes hauler truck...he can ride, pull or walk and push!
he loved it!! haha.
While daddy put together his truck ty liked playing with the paper!
there he goes..

Travis and I got gifts too but of course, ty is still the center of our life and the attention so the pics are just of ty. :)
Merry Christmas.

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