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Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas #1...

Merry Christmas!!! a week early! :)

Meme and 2 of her 4 great-grandchildren.

Again, Brady with the impromptu comedy scene..haha. Brady, the child who hates having anything on his head, found this hat and wore it..haha.

Grandpa and mom-mom.

Lankford family.

happy boy!

brady and Ty playing with ty's new toy.

We didn't want them to mess up their christmas outfits so while we still opened gifts they had a lunch break in their diapers..and then continued to play. look at those svelte bodies.

Ty's reaction after seeing one of his presents..haha.

ty had to take a break from opening presents and have we opened them instead. and he was super excited about his house.
Ty opening yet another gift.

it was funny, ty wanted to play with brady's toys and vise versa..haha.

boys playing with one of brady's toys.

Ty sitting in daddy's lap while playing with one of his new toys.

meme opening her great gift from to the MAVS game. Meme is their #1 fan.

The Westmorelands...with one on the way.!

The Roby's.

Ty was excited to get started!

so many presents!!!

our brady bear.

cute little ty.

Brady's so funny. found this stick horse and just started riding it..haha.

cousins...11 months apart.

"no, we aren't up to anything." haha.

Hi TY.

after breakfast we had a lovely piano recitial featuring the "Dueling Cavaliers" (thats for you Case)

This year we are going to Katy for christmas and casey, daniel and brady are going to daniel's family so we celebrated christmas with my family here in midland last weekend. Meme flew in on thursday and casey, daniel and Brady came friday. We celebrated saturday and since trav, ty and I spent the night with my parents as well friday night we woke up to a delicious homemade breakfast, opened gifts...which took 2 hours, then jut got to hang out and enjoy the family time...or at least the girls and little boys did...the big boys went to install a gift for travis...a gun safe. He was so excited. We had a great time mainly just watching Brady and Ty play...they are so cute together...for the most part..haha! Ty gets soo excited to see brady, wants to touch, play, and pull up on him while brady doesn't always like for ty to enter his personal space..haha! They are extremely entertaining and we can't wait for christmas next year when we'll have another addition to the family...Casey's baby!!! so exciting! We are so blessed with such wonderful family and count our blessing daily!

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