Rollin' with the Roby's

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas #2...

After church, and rooting on the cowboys(who won by the way!!)...p.s. Ty's new trick is when you say, "touchdown" he'll do the touchdown sign...haha..he's soo cute! but, after sunday funday the Roby's packed up and went home...the whole mile down the street where we did our family christmas before we head to Katy.

Goooo Cowboys.
The boys first blanket fort house...haha.

Brady helping Ty to walk. haha.

Peek-a-boo ty.
Now our family christmas time!
Ty opening his gift from his mommy and daddy. we only got us 1 gift this year bc we figured the grandparents and family were going to spoil him! and boy were we right...after 1 christmas he already racked up a number of toys!
we got him a little tikes hauler truck...he can ride, pull or walk and push!
he loved it!! haha.
While daddy put together his truck ty liked playing with the paper!
there he goes..

Travis and I got gifts too but of course, ty is still the center of our life and the attention so the pics are just of ty. :)
Merry Christmas.

Christmas #1...

Merry Christmas!!! a week early! :)

Meme and 2 of her 4 great-grandchildren.

Again, Brady with the impromptu comedy scene..haha. Brady, the child who hates having anything on his head, found this hat and wore it..haha.

Grandpa and mom-mom.

Lankford family.

happy boy!

brady and Ty playing with ty's new toy.

We didn't want them to mess up their christmas outfits so while we still opened gifts they had a lunch break in their diapers..and then continued to play. look at those svelte bodies.

Ty's reaction after seeing one of his presents..haha.

ty had to take a break from opening presents and have we opened them instead. and he was super excited about his house.
Ty opening yet another gift.

it was funny, ty wanted to play with brady's toys and vise versa..haha.

boys playing with one of brady's toys.

Ty sitting in daddy's lap while playing with one of his new toys.

meme opening her great gift from to the MAVS game. Meme is their #1 fan.

The Westmorelands...with one on the way.!

The Roby's.

Ty was excited to get started!

so many presents!!!

our brady bear.

cute little ty.

Brady's so funny. found this stick horse and just started riding it..haha.

cousins...11 months apart.

"no, we aren't up to anything." haha.

Hi TY.

after breakfast we had a lovely piano recitial featuring the "Dueling Cavaliers" (thats for you Case)

This year we are going to Katy for christmas and casey, daniel and brady are going to daniel's family so we celebrated christmas with my family here in midland last weekend. Meme flew in on thursday and casey, daniel and Brady came friday. We celebrated saturday and since trav, ty and I spent the night with my parents as well friday night we woke up to a delicious homemade breakfast, opened gifts...which took 2 hours, then jut got to hang out and enjoy the family time...or at least the girls and little boys did...the big boys went to install a gift for travis...a gun safe. He was so excited. We had a great time mainly just watching Brady and Ty play...they are so cute together...for the most part..haha! Ty gets soo excited to see brady, wants to touch, play, and pull up on him while brady doesn't always like for ty to enter his personal space..haha! They are extremely entertaining and we can't wait for christmas next year when we'll have another addition to the family...Casey's baby!!! so exciting! We are so blessed with such wonderful family and count our blessing daily!

It's the most wondeful time of the NYC!!

Last week the Roby, trav, ty, gamy/amy, granddaddy/trae, aunt ashley and brian...side note...brian is now going to become UNCLE Brian as he popped the question to ashley the friday we got back from NYC!!! He's a very lucky man but if he messes up HE WILL HAVE A LOT OF PEOPLE to answer to...(brian, I hope you are reading this...haha). We are so excited for the two love birds and can't wait for their big day!!!

ANYWAYS, back to my original we all packed up and headed to New York City for a few days. It was mine, travis's and of course Ty's first trip to the Big Apple and it was absolutely AMAZING. There is a reason I have always wanted to go during christmas season..because everything is immaculately decorated for the christmas season and of course...THE ROCKEFELLER CHRISTMAS TREE!!! AHHHH!! It was beautiful...and huge. loved it! WE did so much I could write a novel about our trip or I could publish a picture book since I took almost 500 pics...and that didn't include almost a day! many. but here's a cliff noted version...along with just a select few of pictures.!!! Luckily, we had Derek Devine, who now lives in NYC, not only join us (along with his wonderful mom, Jeannine) but to show us around the amazing city. Having Derek with us aloud us to see so much more than we would have been able to with just us. He was so extremely patient with us, while we took our pics...while he took our pics over and over again, and with all other aspects of tourists! haha. We also got to attend his church ApostlesNYC....which is awesome. If you are ever in the area you have to go worship God with them...such a friendly atmosphere!
Ok, so here is a rundown of our trip!
Took Ty to FAO Schwarz with 3 stories filled of toys...and he got to play the infamous BIG Piano.

At Serendipity....home of the frozen hot chocolate...which we had but also got a Santa's Workshop Dessert treat that consisted of chocolate cake and mint chocolate chip ice favorites..topped with whipping cream and garnished with sprinkles, a candy cane, and a tree shaped peep(or whatever that is called..haha)...we Rolled out of that place.

Ashley, Brian, Trav and I went and saw the Rockettes: Christmas Spectacular at radio City Music Hall. They were so talented and amazing to watch.

sunday was the only day it decided to rain...but that didn't stop us from riding the subway, attending church, walking to a local diner, and touring the financial district of NYC.

Ty bundled up and ready to hit the subway and go to church.

We also saw the Lion King on Broadway. one word...AMAZING!! The broadway stars are incredible but what could be debated as being more incredible is the costume impressive. A Must see if you go to NYC.

the most dreaded picture Travis took while in NYC...of course, inside he loved it but outwardly he had to pretend to hate the pose since hundreds of tourists looked on(while waiting their turn) and said, "ahhhh"!! lol. every man's nightmare..haha.

Carriage ride through central park after Trae's/Granddaddy's birthday dinner.

Ty helping Granddaddy blow out his birthday candle.

On top of the Rock, overlooking NYC! such an incredible view.

Our little Ty all bundled up!

My favorite sight.!!!

Yes, we went ice skating in citi park. It was so much fun and something all of us hadn't done in years...even jeaninne showed us her skills! haha. great time. unfortunately, the park didn't allow jumps or spins so we had to contain our

Tons and tons of M&M's.

The first night we got there after dinner, and ty had gone done we took a peek at the lit up city! It was so bright in Times Square.

A view from our hotel....AMAZING.

It was an incredible time, although we joked we needed another vacation following NYC since we were non-stop all day, everyday! haha. The weather was nice...not too cold and the people seemed to be friendly, and the food was great. All in all a Wonderful trip!