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Friday, November 26, 2010

So Thankful...

What a blessed life we live. We have so much to be thankful for...but our biggest blessing this year is TY!!! He has brings a smile to our face, all day and everyday...and we are so grateful the great Lord allowed us to bring him into this world. :)

This Thanksgiving we stayed in Midland were we had Thanksgiving lunch (our thanksgiving revolves around the Cowboy game :)) with my family..12 adults and 2 kids..although we were missing several family members, we had a great time and a chance to catch-up and be entertained by Ty and Brady. Brady loves to eat so it was no surprise that Thanksgiving is his favorite holiday but since it was Ty's FIRST THANKSGIVING he didn't shy away either...he ate his fare share! He was one stuffed little turkey! He gobbled and gobbled, washed it down with milk, and went again..haha. He LOVED IT.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday due to the 4 F's... Family, Food, Fall and Football..GO cowboys (although it's always better when they win but..oh well..haha)

Hope yall all had a great time celebrating our blessings.

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