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Monday, October 18, 2010

Mothers Day Out...

Today was a BIG day in the Roby household....well...techinically just for me. See, today Ty went to his first day of Mothers Day Out. He has been on the list for several months and finally got in ..and it's a great, highly recommended, christian based we were excited. Ty needed to have some interaction with other kids his age, plus, he just loves to play with kids..he's very social..haha.:) We want him to go 2 days a week but right now they only had an opening for 1 day (monday's) so we took it..and hopefully soon he'll get to play 2 days a week. Today, I got him all ready, he feed himself...and fell asleep in the process..but, of course, kept eating.haha...and woke up when he ran out..haha..poor baby was still so tired.
Side note.. He had an exciting weekend with Gamy and Granddaddy, went to a wedding (quite the charmer) and made it through the WHOLE Texas Tech football game! so, yes, he had a BIG, all the while having a runny nose. :(
ok, back to my story...So, after getting he and i ready to be at MDO at 9:00 (plus, time for pictures..hehe) we got out the door. i dropped him off in class, he seemed to be taking it all in...went to his teacher, and since she deals with separation anxiety frequently she knew just what to do to keep both of us distracted. i left him eating cheerios. i got into my car..called Travis, made it around the corner and here came the tears!!! lame i know..but, i have been with Ty everyday for almost 8 months now so it was a little difficult.
I had a whole list of things to get accomplished to pass the time by, but once I got home i didn't feel like doing them..ha! I was in one "of those" moods. Travis came home from lunch to cheer me up but talking about Ty made me cry, and i can't even play the emotional, pregnancy card! HA. I finally did get out of my funky mood and got several chores done, while watching the clock hoping it would speed by for it to be time to pick up ty. I would say, "ok, i'll do this chore and then it will be time to go get him."....but, the chore never took that finally, i just went to get him. I was there at 2:45 (it ends at 3:00) and walked in to see him playing with a new friend. :) I knew all day he was having a great time, playing, learning, interacting...but, it was just hard not having my baby with me, and not able to call every so often to see how he was doing or nobody sending me pics of him!!! :) So, i got him and, like i figured, he only took a 45 min. morning when 3:00 came around he was TIRED...after getting home he took a 2 hour nap..but, although he was sleeping and unable to play with..i was in a better state just knowing he was in his bed, and i could go peak in on him! ;).
Luckily, it'll get better..ok, i'll get better and MDO will just be second nature for us. But, i know he had a great time!

All ready for school.

his new favorite thing is clapping..:)
With his teacher. :)

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