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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hair cut...

After seeing some pics of Ty, I decided it was definitely time for a haircut. His puffy fro was OUT OF CONTROL! Unfortunately, Midland does not have a premier childrens hair cutting salon but...after much research I found a salon that also had two kid was perfect. Ty did such a great job. He loved driving the fire-truck and watched a movie while the fantastic, kid-friendly lady cut his hair. He did get a little antsy towards the end but I think it was mainly because he saw the hair she cut off could have made a small wig...and it made him sad..haha.
Going for a little drive. He took right to the steering wheel..and if his driving is anywhere near what may happen in 16 years, all I have to say is, CLEAR THE ROADS.
Before haircut.
hey lady, you want a ride?

such looonnggg hair.

Afterwards..such a handsome little man.

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