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Monday, October 25, 2010

8 months...

Today our little baby Ty turned 8 months time flies. His little personality is showing more and more everyday and he loves seeing and being around people. Definitely going to be a charmer and friends with everyone! :)

At 8 months Ty now is....CRAWLING...for real.....

-Has 5 teeth..2 uppers and 3 lowers.

-Into EVERYTHING!!! loves, pulling himself up and his newest thing is climbing...yes, we have our hands full. When you tell him the word, "NO" he either does it again immediately, or laughs at you..OH DEAR!! Hope this isn't a glimpse of what is to come.. haha.

-loves clapping for himself

-basically wears all 12 month clothes and size 4 shoes(which look huge on his stick legs...but they are getting chubbier)!! hehe.

On a side note...he got a "welcome to Mothers day out" gift..which was the stomach bug...that he graciously passed on to me...but, through it all, he was still a happy boy.

Just a bundle of joy! We just love him so much!:)

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