Rollin' with the Roby's

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hair cut...

After seeing some pics of Ty, I decided it was definitely time for a haircut. His puffy fro was OUT OF CONTROL! Unfortunately, Midland does not have a premier childrens hair cutting salon but...after much research I found a salon that also had two kid was perfect. Ty did such a great job. He loved driving the fire-truck and watched a movie while the fantastic, kid-friendly lady cut his hair. He did get a little antsy towards the end but I think it was mainly because he saw the hair she cut off could have made a small wig...and it made him sad..haha.
Going for a little drive. He took right to the steering wheel..and if his driving is anywhere near what may happen in 16 years, all I have to say is, CLEAR THE ROADS.
Before haircut.
hey lady, you want a ride?

such looonnggg hair.

Afterwards..such a handsome little man.

Monday, October 25, 2010

8 months...

Today our little baby Ty turned 8 months time flies. His little personality is showing more and more everyday and he loves seeing and being around people. Definitely going to be a charmer and friends with everyone! :)

At 8 months Ty now is....CRAWLING...for real.....

-Has 5 teeth..2 uppers and 3 lowers.

-Into EVERYTHING!!! loves, pulling himself up and his newest thing is climbing...yes, we have our hands full. When you tell him the word, "NO" he either does it again immediately, or laughs at you..OH DEAR!! Hope this isn't a glimpse of what is to come.. haha.

-loves clapping for himself

-basically wears all 12 month clothes and size 4 shoes(which look huge on his stick legs...but they are getting chubbier)!! hehe.

On a side note...he got a "welcome to Mothers day out" gift..which was the stomach bug...that he graciously passed on to me...but, through it all, he was still a happy boy.

Just a bundle of joy! We just love him so much!:)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Mothers Day Out...

Today was a BIG day in the Roby household....well...techinically just for me. See, today Ty went to his first day of Mothers Day Out. He has been on the list for several months and finally got in ..and it's a great, highly recommended, christian based we were excited. Ty needed to have some interaction with other kids his age, plus, he just loves to play with kids..he's very social..haha.:) We want him to go 2 days a week but right now they only had an opening for 1 day (monday's) so we took it..and hopefully soon he'll get to play 2 days a week. Today, I got him all ready, he feed himself...and fell asleep in the process..but, of course, kept eating.haha...and woke up when he ran out..haha..poor baby was still so tired.
Side note.. He had an exciting weekend with Gamy and Granddaddy, went to a wedding (quite the charmer) and made it through the WHOLE Texas Tech football game! so, yes, he had a BIG, all the while having a runny nose. :(
ok, back to my story...So, after getting he and i ready to be at MDO at 9:00 (plus, time for pictures..hehe) we got out the door. i dropped him off in class, he seemed to be taking it all in...went to his teacher, and since she deals with separation anxiety frequently she knew just what to do to keep both of us distracted. i left him eating cheerios. i got into my car..called Travis, made it around the corner and here came the tears!!! lame i know..but, i have been with Ty everyday for almost 8 months now so it was a little difficult.
I had a whole list of things to get accomplished to pass the time by, but once I got home i didn't feel like doing them..ha! I was in one "of those" moods. Travis came home from lunch to cheer me up but talking about Ty made me cry, and i can't even play the emotional, pregnancy card! HA. I finally did get out of my funky mood and got several chores done, while watching the clock hoping it would speed by for it to be time to pick up ty. I would say, "ok, i'll do this chore and then it will be time to go get him."....but, the chore never took that finally, i just went to get him. I was there at 2:45 (it ends at 3:00) and walked in to see him playing with a new friend. :) I knew all day he was having a great time, playing, learning, interacting...but, it was just hard not having my baby with me, and not able to call every so often to see how he was doing or nobody sending me pics of him!!! :) So, i got him and, like i figured, he only took a 45 min. morning when 3:00 came around he was TIRED...after getting home he took a 2 hour nap..but, although he was sleeping and unable to play with..i was in a better state just knowing he was in his bed, and i could go peak in on him! ;).
Luckily, it'll get better..ok, i'll get better and MDO will just be second nature for us. But, i know he had a great time!

All ready for school.

his new favorite thing is clapping..:)
With his teacher. :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Knock knock..who's there???

My TWO new Top teeth....
Actually...he's had one top tooth for awhile but he finally got the matching pair..
his scary face for halloween..BOO!

Just kidding..did i scare you??
ok, mom...i'm done...gotta go!
such a good little helper.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

happy 2 year anniversary...

It's hard to believe Travis and I Have been wonderfully married for 2 years. It has been an awesome 2 years. In some ways it feels like just yesterday we were at the Ranch being married and celebrating with our family and friends... and in some ways it feels like it has been forever(in a good way). Married life is fantastic and it has been great spending it with my best friend and confidant at my side. And now that we have an addition to our family it makes life even greater...we are truly blessed in many, many ways. These 2 years flew by and we can't wait to accumulate even more years together...:)

So....for our 2 year anniversary celebration Travis surprised me with an AMAZING gift....2 tickets to the Dallas Cowboy game. I've always wanted to go but just has never worked out..Dallas is a 5 hour drive from midland...and with my extremely PRO-EDUCATION parents...i was never alowed to skip school..haha. When Travis finally told me of our weekend plans, we were in the front yard and I screamed so loud the neighbors probably thought (or confirmed.haha) that we were crazy! lol. I was so excited. I immediately started researching hotels, restaurants, etc for that weekend....a few months in advanced...but, hey it's never too early! :) It was a BIG weekend...lots of fun and excitement, plus, it was my first time away from TY! I did surprisingly well, no tears, but was sooooooo excited to see him monday.:) I knew he was in good hands (my parents) thanks again mom and dad...and Meme. Meme was in for the week since Brady was in town for the week as she got the opportunity to see both great-grandsons:) So, with all the family in town, and trying to keep up with cousin Brady...little Ty had a great weekend. Which is what we wanted. but deep inside we knew he was missing us..:)

Now, obviously, my first and only choice in life is Travis...but behind him is Mr. Jason Witten...woohooo!! In fact, he scored a touchdown in the endzone infront of us, just for me! :) Travis informed me that he told him to do that...ahhhh what a great husband! :)



outside the HUGE stadium.

view from our hotel in downtown fort worth...beautiful. we are headed to our fabulous dinner.
funny story...that night (saturday) there was a wedding reception held at the hotel. We rode on the elevator with a bridesmaid and groomesmen..and the groomesmen was wearing the exact flower that was in our wedding...and i let them! :)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Friday/Saturday night lights...

Our little football star...:)
So a few weeks ago Ty attended not only his first football game but his first Texas Tech football game....which happened to be the Tech vs University of Texas game.(and as you all know, that is a HUGE rivalry...therefore, crazy fans) Ty was such a trooper tailgating all afternoon in the heat (game started at 7), with all the people and of course, seeing all his adoring fans:). He took all that like a champ..wasn't quite sure about a lot of it, but nevertheless, he was his happy self through it all..and of course, there was waayyy too much going on for a all things considering, he did GREAT....That was until we made our way into the stadium and all the cheering, cannon being shot...etc. etc. HE WAS NOT ENJOYING himself anymore. Our Poor baby Ty would hear a loud sound and just start crying..not only just crying but had his little pouty lip as well. Before you blame us for being bad parents and thinking..."duh, it's going to be loud in the stadium" we thought that if he could just get through the first minutes or so and let it calm down he would get use to it and stay awhile (plus, i had to feed him:):) but....NOPE..that didn't happen. Ty might have lasted ohhh...maybe 2 minutes or so...although it seemed like a whole game. It's definitely not fun seeing your little baby cry from being so scared. So, luckily "Gamy" was there to take him back to the hotel, where, luckily,was a bottle with a little amount of tide him over for the night and away from the craziness. Needless to say, Ty will not be attending any more crazy, collegiate games until an older date..haha.

Ty and Granddaddy Roby with the Tech mascot"Raider Red"...Ty liked the beard:)

then..last week, our clan went to watch my little cousin Devin(technically 2nd cousin) play freshman football for the Big Spring Steers (my mom's Alma matter) here in midland...Ty did great at that we are thinking he is warming up to the craziness of west texas football...

So, this past friday the Big Spring Steers were playing my alma mater..Greenwood Rangers...since 1) my cousin is a coach and 2) trav and I have been wanting to attend a friday night fball game here in the area we decided we would go watch. We sat with my family on the Steer side to cheer them on...and the stands were packed. Again, Ty did great and just sat with my cousins wayy better half Anne:), my aunt (Ty's Great Aunt) Sarah and since dad was out of town hunting mom was our date for the evening..:) Even with the cow bells and screaming fans Ty did excellent. We did have to leave at halftime bc it was past his bedtime and was getting a little restless. But, Ty is getting the hang of this crazy football world...:) Trav and I enjoyed ourselves as well, except when we arrived the Greenwood Rangers band was playing the school song, which happens to be the theme of "The Eyes of Texas are Upon You"...also known as the university of Texas song...then once the Big Spring Steers played their fight song it was the same tune as..yes, you guessed it...The university of Texas' fight response, "Are you kidding me?" lol. He just couldn't get away from it...haha.

"mom-mom", sarah, and Anne at the fball game.