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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mr. Personality...

What our little Ty has been up too lately...or I should say, what he is getting into....i guess he is just giving us a preview of what is to come....haha... He is full of life right now...and makes all kinds of funny faces and sounds...but here are some that i have managed to catch.

he did not want that bib to stay on him....the blurriness is the iphone doesn't take good pics of you will see in other pictures...but you get the idea.
look mom no hands...Ty holding a bottle with his teeth...haha

One afternoon I was holding Ty and with the other hand had a cookie..i went to read something off the fridge and without looking put the cookie in my mouth...but it was only a crumb of cookie..I looked in the bag to make sure I had not left any behind...which I hadn't. then i looked at Ty and he had not only stolen my cookie(obviously I did not feel him break my cookie) but it was in his mouth..i tried to take it out but he was already chowin down...he got it all down and I gave him a little amount left of his bottle to wash it down...haha...he is a Roby! we do love our cookies..haha.

Dumping out his toys...again.

Goin for the puffs...a favorite.

when Ty started feeding himself his puffs, using his pincher grasp, I would(and still do) clap for him and say, "yay Ty." know, positive reinforcement.:) Well, I guess he caught on bc he now will clap for himself..haha. (again, the bluriness is hand movement).

At the Dr's office..Ty had a cold for about a Croup finally got an antibiotic...and the flu shot. But, why does a pedi office have the paper covering on the table...not a smart idea for an infant..but Ty loves it.

one of his faces..puckers his lips and sticks a tiny bit of his tongue out. It usually then goes to a motorboat sound..."bububu). haha.

snack time..yogurt bites and water..y

Ty helping mommy fold clothes...once "we" were done he pulled himself up and headed to his next job...soooo strong.

So smart...learned if you want to take your toy elsewhere you have to hold it in your mouth...until you learn to walk. haha...funny boy.

a few months ago our whole shopping experience changed now that he can ride in the cart instead of his carseat.. yay! he loves it...but will grab anything insight..

Apple a day keeps the Dr. away...or at least helps with the teething..

Loves to get ALL of his toys.

hanging out with daddy

look at that buff body! :)


We had to lower his crib mattress (a month ago) bc we would walk in to see this...

One of his favorite activities....dumping over the toy box.

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  1. Travis and Lindsey! I just found your blog. Ty is such a cutie- can't beleive how big he is getting! I added you to our blog too, so fun to keep up!