Rollin' with the Roby's

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Everyday Ty and Cooper have a play date outside...which consists of Ty looking at Cooper through the fence when Travis isn't home..but when Trav is home then Coop gets to come out and play as well...but when it's just Ty and I coop has to stay in his "house." Although Cooper is a great, obedient dog he is just soooo big that he unintentionally bumps into things(i.e. people) and over you go...and although Ty is sitting up extremely well,even the slightest nudge from Coop, and over he would go.. haha. I say all that to explain why the play dates are through the fence. However, either way Ty sees Cooper he just smiles so big and even laughs at cooper. When coop is behind the fence Ty will stand and put his hands on the fence and Cooper will lick them and Ty just laughs. haha. It really is cute. The other day we were all outside and Ty's eyes just followed cooper wherever he went. WE can't wait for Ty to get a little older and they will be such good buds and hopefully wear each other out! :). Right now cooper is good with Ty and never bothers him, in fact, he's pretty gentle around him...and every time they are together they get more and more comfortable around each I said's really cute. Here's a few pics of our play date the other day.

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