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Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy 1/2 year birthday baby Ty!

Our little baby boy is 6 months of Wednesday. It's amazing how fast time has flown by. He brings so much joy to our life and we can't imagine life without him now!
At 6 months Ty is...
- sitting up extremely well...great posture!:)
-has 2 bottom teeth and we are awaiting the arrival of a top tooth any day now.
-still sleep through the night but lately he has been kinda restless due to these top teeth.
-still has milk every 3-4 hours but also gets baby food about 3 times a day:
-breakfast: baby oatmeal with applesauce added to give it more flavor..but it must be warmed up...this little dude is particular.
-snack- either a fruit or veggie...and if still hungry some rice cereal (mainly, bc we are trying to get rid of it..a little goes a long way).
dinner: a fruit and veggie (sometimes 2 of a veggie and a fruit) this little one..LOVES TO EAT! In fact, if you sit him in his chair he expects to be fed immediately or he will let you know he is unhappy with the
- He is really, really, really trying to crawl...he'll get up on all 4's but then see a toy and decide it needs to be in his down he goes..haha.
-we go to the dr on monday for his 6 month checkup and to see how much he weighs and his length and to get the dreaded immunization shots. so stay tuned..but he's definitely growing. He has pretty much grown out of his 6-9 month clothes...:)
- his eyes still haven't decided what they are going to, green or brown..just depends on what he is wearing.
-he LAUGHS AND LAUGHS AND's sooo cute. usually everyday something different is just hilarious. we love hearing that laugh.

here are some of his 6 month pictures.

he's pretty's that smile and laugh!

the whole time we were outside he was watching cooper!

shot an 8 point deer on his 6 month bday:)

about to take his horse for a ride..haha.

Look it's wait, that's TY!

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