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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Beach Baby...

Thanks to Lane and Marcie Puckitt getting married in Naples, Florida all the Roby's packed up and had a nice vacation at the beach. It was absolutely beautiful and the weather was great. Literally, all we did was hang out by the pool, layout on the beach, eat wonderful food and repeat. :) It was extremely relaxing. The "welcome dinner" that the Puckitts' hosted at Roy's was absolutely delicious with great company. The wedding was beautiful..Marcie was stunning and Lane cleaned up nicely as well. Again, the food was amazing. This was Ty's first trip with a plane ride (4 plane rides to be exact) and he did great on all of them. Although, we told him that if he slept we would get there faster he chose not to listen (hope this isn't foreshadowing what's to come.hehe). He was awake for all flights...he of course, couldn't miss a thing...he talked, sang and used mine and travis' legs as a trampoline. One one flight we were with the Roby's and while Ty was playing with his granddaddy he decided to let him know how much fun he was exploding his diaper...sorry granddaddy...he only poops on those he loves..haha. :)
This was also Ty's first time at the beach..which he loved. He even tried a little bit of the sand...haha. Ty loves being outside and loves being in the pool so the beach was nothing different but since it was so hot he was under the umbrella most of the time. :)
We had a great time and it was a great get-a-way.

Ty gets no love at all..haha..yea right!
hugs for aunt ashley.


our little water baby.

Roby's, Pabody's, Puckitt's and Puckitt's :)

"aunt ash, it's bright out here...i need my shades"

" This umbrella is great Granddaddy."

Love yall Pabody's.

check out that svelte body. :)

hey there cute baby.

So excited to be at the beach.

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