Rollin' with the Roby's

Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy 1/2 year birthday baby Ty!

Our little baby boy is 6 months of Wednesday. It's amazing how fast time has flown by. He brings so much joy to our life and we can't imagine life without him now!
At 6 months Ty is...
- sitting up extremely well...great posture!:)
-has 2 bottom teeth and we are awaiting the arrival of a top tooth any day now.
-still sleep through the night but lately he has been kinda restless due to these top teeth.
-still has milk every 3-4 hours but also gets baby food about 3 times a day:
-breakfast: baby oatmeal with applesauce added to give it more flavor..but it must be warmed up...this little dude is particular.
-snack- either a fruit or veggie...and if still hungry some rice cereal (mainly, bc we are trying to get rid of it..a little goes a long way).
dinner: a fruit and veggie (sometimes 2 of a veggie and a fruit) this little one..LOVES TO EAT! In fact, if you sit him in his chair he expects to be fed immediately or he will let you know he is unhappy with the
- He is really, really, really trying to crawl...he'll get up on all 4's but then see a toy and decide it needs to be in his down he goes..haha.
-we go to the dr on monday for his 6 month checkup and to see how much he weighs and his length and to get the dreaded immunization shots. so stay tuned..but he's definitely growing. He has pretty much grown out of his 6-9 month clothes...:)
- his eyes still haven't decided what they are going to, green or brown..just depends on what he is wearing.
-he LAUGHS AND LAUGHS AND's sooo cute. usually everyday something different is just hilarious. we love hearing that laugh.

here are some of his 6 month pictures.

he's pretty's that smile and laugh!

the whole time we were outside he was watching cooper!

shot an 8 point deer on his 6 month bday:)

about to take his horse for a ride..haha.

Look it's wait, that's TY!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Everyday Ty and Cooper have a play date outside...which consists of Ty looking at Cooper through the fence when Travis isn't home..but when Trav is home then Coop gets to come out and play as well...but when it's just Ty and I coop has to stay in his "house." Although Cooper is a great, obedient dog he is just soooo big that he unintentionally bumps into things(i.e. people) and over you go...and although Ty is sitting up extremely well,even the slightest nudge from Coop, and over he would go.. haha. I say all that to explain why the play dates are through the fence. However, either way Ty sees Cooper he just smiles so big and even laughs at cooper. When coop is behind the fence Ty will stand and put his hands on the fence and Cooper will lick them and Ty just laughs. haha. It really is cute. The other day we were all outside and Ty's eyes just followed cooper wherever he went. WE can't wait for Ty to get a little older and they will be such good buds and hopefully wear each other out! :). Right now cooper is good with Ty and never bothers him, in fact, he's pretty gentle around him...and every time they are together they get more and more comfortable around each I said's really cute. Here's a few pics of our play date the other day.

Monday, August 16, 2010

toothfairy is on the way...

Forgot to mention...lets see...about 3 weeks ago all the pain paid off and ty got his first tooth...a few days later another one popped up. He is very proud. Now, we think the tops are trying to come in...but through all the pain our little boy is still a happy baby! :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Beach Baby...

Thanks to Lane and Marcie Puckitt getting married in Naples, Florida all the Roby's packed up and had a nice vacation at the beach. It was absolutely beautiful and the weather was great. Literally, all we did was hang out by the pool, layout on the beach, eat wonderful food and repeat. :) It was extremely relaxing. The "welcome dinner" that the Puckitts' hosted at Roy's was absolutely delicious with great company. The wedding was beautiful..Marcie was stunning and Lane cleaned up nicely as well. Again, the food was amazing. This was Ty's first trip with a plane ride (4 plane rides to be exact) and he did great on all of them. Although, we told him that if he slept we would get there faster he chose not to listen (hope this isn't foreshadowing what's to come.hehe). He was awake for all flights...he of course, couldn't miss a thing...he talked, sang and used mine and travis' legs as a trampoline. One one flight we were with the Roby's and while Ty was playing with his granddaddy he decided to let him know how much fun he was exploding his diaper...sorry granddaddy...he only poops on those he loves..haha. :)
This was also Ty's first time at the beach..which he loved. He even tried a little bit of the sand...haha. Ty loves being outside and loves being in the pool so the beach was nothing different but since it was so hot he was under the umbrella most of the time. :)
We had a great time and it was a great get-a-way.

Ty gets no love at all..haha..yea right!
hugs for aunt ashley.


our little water baby.

Roby's, Pabody's, Puckitt's and Puckitt's :)

"aunt ash, it's bright out here...i need my shades"

" This umbrella is great Granddaddy."

Love yall Pabody's.

check out that svelte body. :)

hey there cute baby.

So excited to be at the beach.