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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

He's a wild man...

The past month has been such a learning month for our little Ty. It seems as if, literally, everyday he is doing something new and I am so grateful to be able to stay at home with him as he develops. :) As you know, if you have read previous posts, Ty is eating baby food now...and he loves it and eats sooo much. The only thing we have found that he really doesn't care for is peas. He loves all other veggies and definitely loves all fruit! When we first started feeding him we put him in his Bumbo chair but after numerous attempts of him trying to crawl out and get the bowl of food we decided to break out the big dog...the high-chair that has a harness to keep the little guy strapped in..haha. now, there is no leaning forward or sideways...he's not going anywhere. However, it doesn't come with a wrist restraint which is what we need to contain his thumb from going into his mouth in the middle of feeding. If you don't feed him fast enough in it goes...haha. So, our feeding sessions consist of a two hand job..(or 2 person) to feed him and one to hold his hands down. lol. He's a funny little boy.
A before eating his Bumbo..pre-highchair.
After eating some greenbeans for the infamous
The reinforcement...highchair with a 5 strap harness..haha.
Also, a few days ago Ty starting sitting up all by himself at 4.5mths. :) He does a great job until he gets so excited and proud of himself and then he'll tumble over or when he decides he'd rather stand..and again..over he goes. haha.
Ty has always been a happy baby with lots of smiles to give but lately he has begun giggling. Travis always brings it out of him...i tell him it's because Ty thinks he's funny looking..haha! Obviously I am just kidding bc Ty looks just like him and I think Ty is adorable! :) hehe.
Travis, nose tickling Ty's belly..usually a sure bet to hear sweet sound of ty's giggle.
Although Ty had found his feet a few months ago he now loves to bring them up to his head to show how limber he is...sucked on a toe once, but decided he didn't like that. Also, he loves to flail his arms and legs around...such an active little guy.
Last but not least, our little boy is on the move...rolling that is. Ty has been rolling over for a few months now but lately you can't keep up with him. you place him in one area, leave the room, and when you come back he's in a totally different spot. AHHH...and this is just rolling. guess, i better get into shape when he starts crawling and walking.
In the picture above..i had placed Ty in the middle of the blanket and ran to take a quick shower. When I came back a few minutes later he was completely across the room..yes, that little white dot in the top middle of the picture is our little baby! lol. After taking the picture i immediately put him back on the blanket and seconds later he was back on the move again...after several attempts of getting him to stay on the blanket i gave up and let him roam around. haha.

and here's our happy baby and his big smile.

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