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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

5 months!

Wow...I can't believe our baby Ty is already 5 months, it is true, time really does fly by when you have a baby. He is so much fun to watch while he learns new things daily. He laughs, rolls and rolls and rolls..haha..loves to jump and jump in his bouncer, grabs anything in watch out. He still is working on sitting up more consistently. Sometimes he gets so excited and tumbles over. We believe he'll be crawling any day now...he's almost got it figured out and he is quite the talker. :) He loves to eat and still sleeping 10-12 hours a night. We are so blessed with such a wonderful baby and in Travis' words..."he is so cool." :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Are we done yet???

Every year since I can remember my Gram (mom's mom) would take all her girls (3) and grand kids (lots) on a shopping trip. Unfortunately, my Gram passed away when I was 11 but my mom has kept the tradition up with Casey and I and now with our boys. Although, I think it was a unanimous decision (from the girls anyways) that the boys now have to stay with their daddy's while the mom's shop on our future trips until they are older ...not only were the boys tired of shopping (aka riding in the limo..(two person stroller))within 15 minutes of it but it wore us girls out as well..haha! Actually, Brady and Ty did extremely well considering we shopped for 3 days in the sweltering heat of Austin, TX. We usually tried to grab the big handicap dressing rooms as often as we could so Brady could run around (or crawl underneath the doors and escape) and Ty could roll around on a blanket. lol. We dressed the boys alike so everyone would know who they belonged to in case one escaped..haha...They did look adorable though. Luckily,we all survived and got several goodies as well!! :) Thanks mom! Next year, boys are going to schilliterbaun though!! hehe. On saturday we met the guys at the lake were they got "boy" duty for the rest of the weekend! :) I took the camera to get some good cousin shots but trying to get everyone out the door to be at the malls when they opened was a chore and then afterwards I/we frankly,were too tired to get any good photo-ops! oh well, got a few. All in all a wonderful trip!
All Ready to Go in the Limo...
First stop and we already had to bring in the and snacks! :)
Ty's new Sperry' cute.
2nd day.short photo session.
Brady our engineer...
sweet, loveable boys!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

He's a wild man...

The past month has been such a learning month for our little Ty. It seems as if, literally, everyday he is doing something new and I am so grateful to be able to stay at home with him as he develops. :) As you know, if you have read previous posts, Ty is eating baby food now...and he loves it and eats sooo much. The only thing we have found that he really doesn't care for is peas. He loves all other veggies and definitely loves all fruit! When we first started feeding him we put him in his Bumbo chair but after numerous attempts of him trying to crawl out and get the bowl of food we decided to break out the big dog...the high-chair that has a harness to keep the little guy strapped in..haha. now, there is no leaning forward or sideways...he's not going anywhere. However, it doesn't come with a wrist restraint which is what we need to contain his thumb from going into his mouth in the middle of feeding. If you don't feed him fast enough in it goes...haha. So, our feeding sessions consist of a two hand job..(or 2 person) to feed him and one to hold his hands down. lol. He's a funny little boy.
A before eating his Bumbo..pre-highchair.
After eating some greenbeans for the infamous
The reinforcement...highchair with a 5 strap harness..haha.
Also, a few days ago Ty starting sitting up all by himself at 4.5mths. :) He does a great job until he gets so excited and proud of himself and then he'll tumble over or when he decides he'd rather stand..and again..over he goes. haha.
Ty has always been a happy baby with lots of smiles to give but lately he has begun giggling. Travis always brings it out of him...i tell him it's because Ty thinks he's funny looking..haha! Obviously I am just kidding bc Ty looks just like him and I think Ty is adorable! :) hehe.
Travis, nose tickling Ty's belly..usually a sure bet to hear sweet sound of ty's giggle.
Although Ty had found his feet a few months ago he now loves to bring them up to his head to show how limber he is...sucked on a toe once, but decided he didn't like that. Also, he loves to flail his arms and legs around...such an active little guy.
Last but not least, our little boy is on the move...rolling that is. Ty has been rolling over for a few months now but lately you can't keep up with him. you place him in one area, leave the room, and when you come back he's in a totally different spot. AHHH...and this is just rolling. guess, i better get into shape when he starts crawling and walking.
In the picture above..i had placed Ty in the middle of the blanket and ran to take a quick shower. When I came back a few minutes later he was completely across the room..yes, that little white dot in the top middle of the picture is our little baby! lol. After taking the picture i immediately put him back on the blanket and seconds later he was back on the move again...after several attempts of getting him to stay on the blanket i gave up and let him roam around. haha.

and here's our happy baby and his big smile.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wacked away....

A couple of weeks ago Travis and I had back to back haircuts. The plan was for me to go first so travis wouldn't have to rush from his office during his lunch break and also so Ty could go eat after i finished up. Well, Travis came early and watched me finish up while taking ty out of the carseat and playing with him. Travis sat in the chair next and handed Ty over to me. While I was holding Ty our precious little boy fell asleep. Now, rewinding to the past 4 months, ever since Ty was born he has needed a haircut. The boy had soooo much hair and it was so long. Along his 4 month life his hair has fallen out and gotten much lighter but the length keeps going. Therefore, I have heard numerous times from numerous people that Ty needs a haircut since his hair was past his earlobes and his bangs were in his eyes..haha. I kept's just too soon he's only a few months old. But, on the big haircut day, while our baby was sleeping on me, Travis was all finished, on a whim, I asked our hair lady how comfortable she would feel cutting Ty's hair since he was sleeping. She gladly agreed and starting chopping away. haha. Since we weren't planning on his haircut we didn't bring our cameras but luckily travis got some with his phone. Ty did great and slept for one side but starting waking up while she was doing his other side. Luckily, nobody was injured and his haircut made him look older but we are now in school dress code. haha. He's so handsome. :)



Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Food?? Yes, please

I guess a few weeks ago, once Ty turned 4 months old, we introduced a bowl, spoon and rice cereal to him. Travis had the pleasure of feeding him first and let me tell you they both were messes. I think more of the cereal was on them and the table than it was in Ty's tummy. haha. In Travis' defense, Ty did rather chew on the spoon and the food was super runny (wanted to make sure he could swallow) the two combined didn't make it easy! however, after just a couple of days Ty had it down and loves cereal. In fact, if you didn't give it to him fast enough he would start panting and then eventually cry. haha...Just like Travis did when he was a baby according to his momma. :) While in Katy,after a week of rice cereal, and knowing Ty had eating from a spoon learned we went on to other foods. We were going to introduce peas next. We got the camera and the video camera out and were recording Ty going to town on his "peas" or so we thought. he was loving it...and I thought wow! this is awesome he likes peas..because not even I like peas. However, halfway through the jar aunt ashley zoomed in on the jar to notice it said PEARS instead of wonder it wasn't as green and smelly as peas are and no wonder Ty loved it so was sweet! AHHHHHH!!! so, we let him finish the jar..since he was indeed loving it so much and then put them away until we went home and several days had past. Consequently, now that he knows there are actually foods that taste, since rice cereal is super bland, he hasn't been enjoying his rice cereal as much. ha! So, after the few days of the pear incident...making sure no allergies existed...we pursued PEAS! yes, they were actually peas this time and like i would expect, he HATED them. lol...just thinking of the face he gave makes me laugh. It was like he was trying his hardest to swallow the nasty things and finally after a few minutes he had enough...and started spitting it out! haha. I didn't make him continue bc I felt for him. :) After several days again (again watching for allergies) we tried green beans. he actually likes green beans and eats the whole jar...and they aren't small. And, lastly, we started carrots a few days ago and he likes those as well! :) YAY! I didn't ruin him since he had tasty, sweet pears first thing! :) We have a few more veggies to try (sweet potatoes and sweet peas...going to try them again) and then we'll move on to fruits and chicken!:) But, he loves to eat and its fun seeing his reaction to each flavor! :)

He's a Travelin' Man...

Here lately Ty has been a traveling/busy-party little boy. We went to Katy for Ty's first visit and his Gamy and Granddaddy hosted a little party in honor of their "little all-star." Tons of people came to see our little boy and it was so fun to 1) see everyone and 2) to show our little guy off. He responded extremely well with all the people, noise and being passed around from person to person like a hot potato! He loved every minute of it. While we were there we also were able to see Cousin McCain and play together which was a lot of fun. We always enjoy seeing them. Here are some pics of the weekend in no particular order....there are just so many and so much has been going enjoy.

Here's Ty and Trav at our friends( the Vestal's) gender reveal party for their baby..BOY!
Ty had his first birthday party...Travis and he are in the train cart! :

Ty before his haircut...after pics to come!!

Here come the katy pics.

Ty and his granddaddy.

cousin play-date again....both spitting images of their daddy's

Mr. Morgan feeding Ty...yes, our little boy is eating food now..more on that to come later.
Ty's friend Mrs. Morgan.
Even Matthew got in on some "ty time."

Granddaddy and Aunt Ashley swimming with Ty. Ty loves the water and swimming.

Happy Fourth of July


Gamy and Granddaddy.

Our little family.