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Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer Roadtrips...

Ty has been making his way around the world! First stop the lake over memorial day weekend! He had a great time swimming in the lake for the first time and seeing his Gamy and Grand daddy as well. Cousin Brady and Aunt Casey even came...and of course, seeing how it's my parents place they were there as well! :) In fact, all the guys (dad, Trav and Trae) all caught monster fish....several 5 pounders, 8 lbs and even an 11 lb fish! We all had a great weekend.
Ty's next stop was Ruidsoso to the Cabin...and what an adventure that was! The Cabin has been on my mom's side of the family since we have been going all our life. There was a time when every visit we would see they try to keep them out of the upper canyon, to see them now is rare...but, guess whaat! we saw one! :) and, not only did we see a bear but we also saw tons of mule deer and even an ELK! that was a new one...never have seen that before (at the cabin). It was a great week there and I love going and spending time in the mountains with the fresh air of pine scent with the river roaring! love it...and Ty did as well. Plus, Betty Fay..Ty's great-great aunt loved playing with him and they would just sit and talk and talk! P.S. If anybody is looking to buy a lot in Alto (comes with membership to the Alto golf course) or a fantastic house in Ruidoso Downs (next to the race track) I know where you can find them...just let me know! :) ha!
The bear on the wall...had to get Ty's pic with it while he is too young to be scared of it. It took me years to go upstairs bc i was to afraid! lol.
Ty taking a morning nap infront of the fire!
Ty was real excited to see the bear! haha
getting his mark on the wall!

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