Rollin' with the Roby's

Friday, June 25, 2010

4 Months!

happy 4 month to Ty! He is just growing and developing everyday. He has found his feet and loves to pull them up to his face and play with them. He is a have to keep an eye on this little guy. He holds his head up really well and loves to play in his jumper...he gets so excited! He smiles and laughs (well, a sound will come out every now and then). Still slobberin and chewing on everything...his favorite being his fingers..but no teeth yet. He is very happy in the mornings..might have something to do with his 10-12 hour night sleeping! YAY! He is extremely fun to watch as he learns new things and Trav and I are so blessed to have such a great baby. Here are some pics of our photo session. which was extremely hard this month (i know they will just get more difficult) bc little Ty wanted to either try and stand up, pull his feet up or chew on his fingers..haha.. When you see them below keep in mind Travis did not like the hat! I had to take them while he was at work so I could at least get a few! It's just too cute! hehe. We go to the Dr. on monday to see how much he has grown and to get his 4 month immunization shots.:(

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

I am so lucky to have a great father who has brought me up with the Lord, taught me valuable lessons, and who loves me and supports me through every step of my life.! I can't thank him enough for all the blessings he has given me. Love you dad and I am so blessed to be your daughter! :)

I am also extremely lucky to have a great husband who is also a terrific father to our son Ty. Travi you are so special to both Ty and I and he is so lucky to have you as a father. He is going to grow up with a father that loves life who can't wait to share that with him,,. Just like you had. Thanks for being a wonderful husband to me and a loving father to Ty! we love you! :) happy first fathers day. And, Although you didn't get to raise Ty up in the air like Simba on The Lion King at church, Ty knows, as well as everyone else, that you are super proud to have him as your son! :)
For father's day Travis got to do what most fathers/men lay around and do nothing...haha. That morning Ty and I got up and fixed him peanut butter and jelly pancakes and egg and cheese burritos...while watching the pre-Open show and fishing shows. He had a quick intermission and took Jenn, Tanner and McCain to the airport (not enough room for Ty and I) then he quickly found his spot again on the couch with lunch in front of him watchin the Open...that's were he stayed for the remainder of the day! :) Dinner was a homemade BBQ pizza and for dessert (which was also was a snack during the day) was butterfinger and reeses cup ice cream. lol. If you know Travis you know he loves food and calories don't count on so his belly was extremely excited for fathers day. :) here are some cute pics of father son bonding time. too cute!

4 months later...they finally meet!

Since 1) they were born a day apart traveling for either family has been difficult and 2) living 8 hours away has caused 2nd cousins Ty and sweet McCain to yet meet. However, a big thanks to Tanner's sister Leslie for getting married in Midland and bringing the two together...not to mention allowing Trav and I a chance to catch up with Tanner and Jenn as well as Becky and David as they came too! :) Back to the reunion. Sadly, McCain had a spout of a stomach virus and was not feeling well and his parents skipped out on staying with us in fear McCain would spread it to Ty. :( But, Friday McCain was feeling better and was able to come play with Ty for a little while. Becky and David also came by that day after getting into town since it was their first time meeting Ty as well. On Saturday, McCain was feeling even better and we took Ty up to the hotel for cousin play time. They just talked and talked to each other, held hands, had a staring contest and were shown sooo much love. I can't wait for them to get older so they can chase each other around! :) Currently, we joke that if they fight McCain can just sit on Ty since he has at least 5 lbs on Ty but McCain will have to catch Ty first! haha! Either way, they look just like their daddies...As Uncle David would say, "We know he's not from the milk-man," lol.
yes, of course they had to attend the wedding and they were quite the party animals. dancing the night away. McCain did find a way to nap on and off but little Ty would have stayed the whole time if we would have let him. Finally at 10:00...waaayyy after his bedtime since Ty was not going to give in and go to sleep we had to leave...he did not want to miss a thing! yet again, another characteristic of his father! :) Travis and I had a wonderful time catching up with the Sykes and Dearmores and meeting precious McCain. We can't wait to head to Katy for another chance for the cousins to play! :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Ty had 3 wonderful visitors come to midland on monday and stayed until wednesday...his Gamy, Mrs. Burkett and Mrs. Morgan aka the Paparazzi. Sweet Ty put Brad Pitt or George Clooney to shame with all the pictures that were taken of him. The only time there wasn't a camera flashing at him was when he was in bed but even then they would just stand and watch him. haha! It was a great time and he got some well deserved love and attention. He loved it! But, on wednesday after his fan club left he was so worn out from playing the previous day he pretty much slept all day. In fact, if it wasn't for me waking him up to eat he probably would have. Poor little guy was worn out showing them all his tricks..and of course, he really didn't nap much b/c he didn't want to miss any of the excitement.
The only pic I took (shame on me) over the visit...but if you want to see more pics of Ty just ask one of the lovely ladies above...they have a book full! :) haha!
After playing for only around 15 min. Ty feel asleep again...poor baby was exhausted.

Ty was so tired but tried to put on a happy face before going to bed for the night.

Is that not the cutest little deer you've ever seen???

Travis and I were so happy they came to visit and thrilled to show our little baby Ty off! I am already trying to prep Ty of the trip to Katy andto see more of his fan club...we'll see how well I do! ha!

Now, that Ty recovered from one group we now have to get ready for his cousins Jenn, Tanner and sweet McCain and for his great aunt and uncle Becky and David Dearmore to come visit today! Yay for Tanner's sister(Leslie) getting married in Midland! :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer Roadtrips...

Ty has been making his way around the world! First stop the lake over memorial day weekend! He had a great time swimming in the lake for the first time and seeing his Gamy and Grand daddy as well. Cousin Brady and Aunt Casey even came...and of course, seeing how it's my parents place they were there as well! :) In fact, all the guys (dad, Trav and Trae) all caught monster fish....several 5 pounders, 8 lbs and even an 11 lb fish! We all had a great weekend.
Ty's next stop was Ruidsoso to the Cabin...and what an adventure that was! The Cabin has been on my mom's side of the family since we have been going all our life. There was a time when every visit we would see they try to keep them out of the upper canyon, to see them now is rare...but, guess whaat! we saw one! :) and, not only did we see a bear but we also saw tons of mule deer and even an ELK! that was a new one...never have seen that before (at the cabin). It was a great week there and I love going and spending time in the mountains with the fresh air of pine scent with the river roaring! love it...and Ty did as well. Plus, Betty Fay..Ty's great-great aunt loved playing with him and they would just sit and talk and talk! P.S. If anybody is looking to buy a lot in Alto (comes with membership to the Alto golf course) or a fantastic house in Ruidoso Downs (next to the race track) I know where you can find them...just let me know! :) ha!
The bear on the wall...had to get Ty's pic with it while he is too young to be scared of it. It took me years to go upstairs bc i was to afraid! lol.
Ty taking a morning nap infront of the fire!
Ty was real excited to see the bear! haha
getting his mark on the wall!