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Saturday, May 8, 2010

What you doin?

You ask, "what has baby Ty been up to lately?" Well, our precious little baby is just growing and adding more and more personality to his life daily. It is so great to watch him develop each and everyday! Mr. Ty has huge smiles and tries to laugh, talks like crazy, holding his head up higher and for longer amounts of time...and as you can see in the picture below is working on his "hey ladies...nonchalant arm over the shoulder" pose (no, i definitely didn't teach him that). he has also found his thumb and will suck it or his fist when he deems it fit. he also loves to look at himself in the mirror. On his underwater mat there is a mirror and instead of playing with all the numerous toys he'd rather play with he's funny! We have got him on a pretty good schedule...for the past few weeks now we put him down anywhere between 6:30-8 but some nights he just isn't ready to be completely down so he'll stay up with mommy and daddy but no later than 9...and here's the great part...he sleep for anywhere from 8-10 hours! YAY! we have just the perfect little baby!
Not only am I a proud mommy but I am also a proud wife! :) I bet yall didn't know I married a celebrity..well I did. This week Travis was on the front cove of the Permian Basin Landman newsletter! (2nd appearance actually) :) The cover read, "Landmen Rained Out." See, the Landmen had a golf tournament a few weeks ago and the whole week it uncharacteristically rained in midland alllllll week. Therefore, making the golf course mush, not to mention, just having to play in the rain. But, yours truly...Travis Roby...and a few other fellow landmen thought it would be fun to "tough it out" and after they finally cancelled the tourney to stick around and play a few holes...silly boys. but, due to being the only ones on the course they got their picture on the cover. way to go babe! We are so proud of you. I guess he was just teaching ty a lesson...if you commit to something you have to follow through..haha..such a good dad! :)

big hugs
so strong...look at those big eyes!


"hey there ladies"

have a great weekend and to all the mothers out there...happy mothers day.

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