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Monday, May 24, 2010

A Tale of Two Birds...

Our family photo opt attempt...notice where coopers eyes are (keep reading to find out why..)

Cooper was WWAYY to A.D.D. to be included.

On Sunday we decided to try and get a family photo (which of course includes cooper) so we went outside. Let me back up first...As most of you readers know Cooper is an almost 2 year old lab PUPPY! Therefore, he is very energetic and hyper (but to his defense he has calmed down a little :)) when he first sees people especially now since he stays in his dog run travis built for him. So, in order for cooper to settle down we have to let him out of his kennel and run around in the backyard for a few minutes to get some energy out. So, back to my story...Travis had gone outside to let our little (actually BIG) puppy out to roam around so he might cooperate for a photo but Travis came back inside to report there was a baby bird that had fallen from the tree and can't fly yet... and didn't let cooper out bc coop would have had a feathery little snack. Me, Ty and our photographer (my mom) went outside to see the little thing and sure enough the little birdy was not strong enough to fly and his momma Robin bird was flappin around like crazy! Travis tried to pick the bird up to put him closer to his nest (that lives in our humongous tree in the backyard) but the scared little bird ran, by this time Cooper has spotted the bird and has his eye on him. We figure since the bird was now on the other side of the yard in a flowerbed Cooper would leave him (or her) alone and come to us for a family pic. NO SUCH LUCK! Cooper came out of his kennel headed straight for that bird...aahhh! We would call our loving little pup, he would come heal, snap a pic and then head straight for that bird again! after several attempts of 1) tying to get a pic and 2) cooper trying to eat the bird we were done with the photo session and cooper had to go back into his dog run for protection of the little bird. needless to say there was not a good family pic taken...maybe another day! ha! So anyways, due to the failed family pic we learned about the baby bird and its momma. I have never been a bird watcher..nor have i really been interested in birds (nests seem to creep me out...btw..side note...silly birds even built a nest in one of my ferns in a hanging basket...scared me to death when i went to water it..haha) but now i have found myself constantly checking on the baby bird. today (monday) the baby is still alive and momma bird is still constantly protecting it only flying away to find a yummy worm to feed her child. Although you all might think i have become crazy staying at home it really is a heartwarming little story and I just want the baby bird to make it home to its other siblings (i spotted at least 2 more in the nest). And, the poor protective momma is probably extremely tired from sitting on the fence protecting her baby, flying to provide food and checking on the others in the nest..phew! i feel so bad for her..she's doing everything she can to help her baby but she unfortunately doesn't have hands or a big enough mouth to pick her fallen baby up and put her back where it belongs until it is strong enough to fly! Makes me grateful I 1) am human :) ha and 2) have hands and arms to pick up my little baby when he needs me! It's so cute watching the baby try to now tries to fly higher by getting onto our lounge chairs, grills, trashcan, anything taller to give it a boost..but so far, no such luck. It is also cute to watch the momma find a worm and scope out the perimeter to protect her young one and swoop down off the fence to feed her baby and then immediately fly back up to the fence where she can watch over it. AHHH such a sweet story! I'll keep yall posted if i see the young one make it home! :) To be continued...

The baby bird is beside the bird bath on the ground..the pic is taken with my phone (no zoom) and the bird wouldn't let me get close to it..but it's there.

That is the momma bird on the lowest wireline overlooking its baby...

This is where the nest's hard to see..another pic with my phone from inside the house.

the little birdy is now on the trashcan underneath the grill..luckily it didn't fall in! :)

these are the lounge chairs the bird would climb to the tallest point where it would try its hardest to fly to the top of the fense...never could make it! hmm..maybe i should go push the chairs closer to the fence for him! :)

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