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Monday, May 10, 2010

1st mothers day!

Well, happy mothers day to all the mommies out there! hope everyone's day was as special as my little guy made mine. Travis and I like to think our precious little boy is "advanced" (haha) in his developmental stages...but it was confirmed on mothers day. See, when I went to feed Ty at 6:00 I don't wear my glasses bc i know the route by heart and can see close up...but as i entered ty's dark room and before I turned on the lamp I noticed something on the outside of his crib but I couldn't make out what it was ( i said i could see close up not far away..haha) so when I turned the light on I was surprised to see 2 BIG quotation bubbles that had "Happy mothers day" and the other said. "I think I peed my pants can you help me out with that?" (of course I did) plus, I had a big happy mothers day balloon and a bouquet of flowers along with a card with a lovely massage gift card inside..yay! see, my little boy not only is creative but can write as well...he made daddy get the gifts bc he isn't quite tall enough to drive just yet! lol. anyways, I am super blessed with a great-great baby boy as well as blessed with a great husband! So..after the big morning reveal off to church we went were the preacher asked the first time mom's to the whole pew and many around us kept giving me the hand signals to stand i remained seated..and as I looked around the auditorium there were not any other "new moms'" standing at first service (go figure). Therefore, I definitely did not stand. According to Travis my face was the color of a tomato so I can't imagine what color it would have been if I actually did stand. I had to tell Ty I didn't stand bc I am not proud of him bc that is quite the opposite but I don't like that kind of thing...walking down the isle was a big enough task for me..luckily i had my dad there to take some eyes off me! :) The rest of the day was spent hanging out with my parents, sister, brady and my meme who had come into town for the weekend...and later that night we had a lovely visitor (Jess) who got to meet Ty and report back to other family and able to brag that she was the first to meet him..haha! so I had a great day and I hope everybody else did as well! :)

Meme with her 2 youngest great-grandsons hello handsome sisters with the little this time Brady is done with pics and ty is so bored with it he's falling asleep...haha cheese....thanks Ann for the comfy horse! :) so funny...he gets that look also from his daddy..haha sweet cousins..yes, Ty loves his thumb! so pretty! just bc I think it's funny...obviously Brady didn't! haha so cute!

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