Rollin' with the Roby's

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ty's 3 months....

Days are just flying by and our little baby boy is already 3 months... He's holding his head up great, sits up really well, in fact, he tries to do it all by himself already! ha! with these big feet he has he loves to stand up on you. He's quite the little talker these days! :) rolling over is getting pretty fun..he is such a wiggle worm and is all over the place...very active little guy.. He loves grabbing things (my hair is a favorite..haha) and loves kicking his dangling toys...oh, and the thumb/fist is his favorite! Our little 3 month old is also a drooling king! We still go through at least 2 or 3 outfits a day due to the diaper "blow-outs"...i guess, the bigger he is the bigger his #2's get! haha! We have him on a pretty good schedule I suppose. He goes down anywhere from 7:30-8:30 and he'll sleep anywhere from 8-11 hours...with 2 naps during the day. :) He is a very happy baby and is getting so much fun to watch as he develops daily! We just love him so much!
Today he was not feeling the camera...he's becoming a little shy...also during our picture time (which happened twice) it seemed that the corner of the couch was his toilet bc each time he was working on "releasing the bears" as his funny daddy would say! haha!. therefore, he was more serious rather than smiley! but nevertheless, he is still a cutie!

Monday, May 24, 2010

A Tale of Two Birds...

Our family photo opt attempt...notice where coopers eyes are (keep reading to find out why..)

Cooper was WWAYY to A.D.D. to be included.

On Sunday we decided to try and get a family photo (which of course includes cooper) so we went outside. Let me back up first...As most of you readers know Cooper is an almost 2 year old lab PUPPY! Therefore, he is very energetic and hyper (but to his defense he has calmed down a little :)) when he first sees people especially now since he stays in his dog run travis built for him. So, in order for cooper to settle down we have to let him out of his kennel and run around in the backyard for a few minutes to get some energy out. So, back to my story...Travis had gone outside to let our little (actually BIG) puppy out to roam around so he might cooperate for a photo but Travis came back inside to report there was a baby bird that had fallen from the tree and can't fly yet... and didn't let cooper out bc coop would have had a feathery little snack. Me, Ty and our photographer (my mom) went outside to see the little thing and sure enough the little birdy was not strong enough to fly and his momma Robin bird was flappin around like crazy! Travis tried to pick the bird up to put him closer to his nest (that lives in our humongous tree in the backyard) but the scared little bird ran, by this time Cooper has spotted the bird and has his eye on him. We figure since the bird was now on the other side of the yard in a flowerbed Cooper would leave him (or her) alone and come to us for a family pic. NO SUCH LUCK! Cooper came out of his kennel headed straight for that bird...aahhh! We would call our loving little pup, he would come heal, snap a pic and then head straight for that bird again! after several attempts of 1) tying to get a pic and 2) cooper trying to eat the bird we were done with the photo session and cooper had to go back into his dog run for protection of the little bird. needless to say there was not a good family pic taken...maybe another day! ha! So anyways, due to the failed family pic we learned about the baby bird and its momma. I have never been a bird watcher..nor have i really been interested in birds (nests seem to creep me out...btw..side note...silly birds even built a nest in one of my ferns in a hanging basket...scared me to death when i went to water it..haha) but now i have found myself constantly checking on the baby bird. today (monday) the baby is still alive and momma bird is still constantly protecting it only flying away to find a yummy worm to feed her child. Although you all might think i have become crazy staying at home it really is a heartwarming little story and I just want the baby bird to make it home to its other siblings (i spotted at least 2 more in the nest). And, the poor protective momma is probably extremely tired from sitting on the fence protecting her baby, flying to provide food and checking on the others in the nest..phew! i feel so bad for her..she's doing everything she can to help her baby but she unfortunately doesn't have hands or a big enough mouth to pick her fallen baby up and put her back where it belongs until it is strong enough to fly! Makes me grateful I 1) am human :) ha and 2) have hands and arms to pick up my little baby when he needs me! It's so cute watching the baby try to now tries to fly higher by getting onto our lounge chairs, grills, trashcan, anything taller to give it a boost..but so far, no such luck. It is also cute to watch the momma find a worm and scope out the perimeter to protect her young one and swoop down off the fence to feed her baby and then immediately fly back up to the fence where she can watch over it. AHHH such a sweet story! I'll keep yall posted if i see the young one make it home! :) To be continued...

The baby bird is beside the bird bath on the ground..the pic is taken with my phone (no zoom) and the bird wouldn't let me get close to it..but it's there.

That is the momma bird on the lowest wireline overlooking its baby...

This is where the nest's hard to see..another pic with my phone from inside the house.

the little birdy is now on the trashcan underneath the grill..luckily it didn't fall in! :)

these are the lounge chairs the bird would climb to the tallest point where it would try its hardest to fly to the top of the fense...never could make it! hmm..maybe i should go push the chairs closer to the fence for him! :)

Monday, May 10, 2010

1st mothers day!

Well, happy mothers day to all the mommies out there! hope everyone's day was as special as my little guy made mine. Travis and I like to think our precious little boy is "advanced" (haha) in his developmental stages...but it was confirmed on mothers day. See, when I went to feed Ty at 6:00 I don't wear my glasses bc i know the route by heart and can see close up...but as i entered ty's dark room and before I turned on the lamp I noticed something on the outside of his crib but I couldn't make out what it was ( i said i could see close up not far away..haha) so when I turned the light on I was surprised to see 2 BIG quotation bubbles that had "Happy mothers day" and the other said. "I think I peed my pants can you help me out with that?" (of course I did) plus, I had a big happy mothers day balloon and a bouquet of flowers along with a card with a lovely massage gift card inside..yay! see, my little boy not only is creative but can write as well...he made daddy get the gifts bc he isn't quite tall enough to drive just yet! lol. anyways, I am super blessed with a great-great baby boy as well as blessed with a great husband! So..after the big morning reveal off to church we went were the preacher asked the first time mom's to the whole pew and many around us kept giving me the hand signals to stand i remained seated..and as I looked around the auditorium there were not any other "new moms'" standing at first service (go figure). Therefore, I definitely did not stand. According to Travis my face was the color of a tomato so I can't imagine what color it would have been if I actually did stand. I had to tell Ty I didn't stand bc I am not proud of him bc that is quite the opposite but I don't like that kind of thing...walking down the isle was a big enough task for me..luckily i had my dad there to take some eyes off me! :) The rest of the day was spent hanging out with my parents, sister, brady and my meme who had come into town for the weekend...and later that night we had a lovely visitor (Jess) who got to meet Ty and report back to other family and able to brag that she was the first to meet him..haha! so I had a great day and I hope everybody else did as well! :)

Meme with her 2 youngest great-grandsons hello handsome sisters with the little this time Brady is done with pics and ty is so bored with it he's falling asleep...haha cheese....thanks Ann for the comfy horse! :) so funny...he gets that look also from his daddy..haha sweet cousins..yes, Ty loves his thumb! so pretty! just bc I think it's funny...obviously Brady didn't! haha so cute!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

What you doin?

You ask, "what has baby Ty been up to lately?" Well, our precious little baby is just growing and adding more and more personality to his life daily. It is so great to watch him develop each and everyday! Mr. Ty has huge smiles and tries to laugh, talks like crazy, holding his head up higher and for longer amounts of time...and as you can see in the picture below is working on his "hey ladies...nonchalant arm over the shoulder" pose (no, i definitely didn't teach him that). he has also found his thumb and will suck it or his fist when he deems it fit. he also loves to look at himself in the mirror. On his underwater mat there is a mirror and instead of playing with all the numerous toys he'd rather play with he's funny! We have got him on a pretty good schedule...for the past few weeks now we put him down anywhere between 6:30-8 but some nights he just isn't ready to be completely down so he'll stay up with mommy and daddy but no later than 9...and here's the great part...he sleep for anywhere from 8-10 hours! YAY! we have just the perfect little baby!
Not only am I a proud mommy but I am also a proud wife! :) I bet yall didn't know I married a celebrity..well I did. This week Travis was on the front cove of the Permian Basin Landman newsletter! (2nd appearance actually) :) The cover read, "Landmen Rained Out." See, the Landmen had a golf tournament a few weeks ago and the whole week it uncharacteristically rained in midland alllllll week. Therefore, making the golf course mush, not to mention, just having to play in the rain. But, yours truly...Travis Roby...and a few other fellow landmen thought it would be fun to "tough it out" and after they finally cancelled the tourney to stick around and play a few holes...silly boys. but, due to being the only ones on the course they got their picture on the cover. way to go babe! We are so proud of you. I guess he was just teaching ty a lesson...if you commit to something you have to follow through..haha..such a good dad! :)

big hugs
so strong...look at those big eyes!


"hey there ladies"

have a great weekend and to all the mothers out there...happy mothers day.

Monday, May 3, 2010

There's A First Time for Everything

This past week had some new inductions in the Roby house.

Introduction #1. Since I am able to stay home with my precious little boy I have not had to/nor have i wanted to introduce a bottle to little Ty...but, Travis and I had a benefit to attend in honor of American Cancer Society on saturday and with it being our first outing without Ty we were looking to have a great time and stay a little longer than a few, considering his is 9 weeks old it was time. Therefore, I finally got the bottles out of the boxes, sterilized them and thursday Travis was able to feed baby Ty! I never thought bottle feeding my baby would be as mentally difficult as it was...i was hovering over Travis while he was feeding..he eventually had to tell me that he doesn't hover when i feed ty so that i didn't need to hover when he feds...haha.. I know it happens all the time but I believe it is different with your own baby or at least it was for me. My rationale... I can always count on having at least 30 minutes of me and Ty time no matter where
we are or how many people are visiting and holding him..nobody else could feed mommy to the rescue. but, now, since he has succeeded at taking a bottle times have changed, which is exactly what I told Travis since now he can help with late night feeds! haha! Luckily, Ty is such a great baby and sleeps pretty well through the night. At first he looked a little confused since he was staring at Travis and thinking, "hey, you don't normally feed me," or in my sisters words, "Hey, you've been holding out on me that i know both you and mommy can fed me I should get twice as much." haha. So anyways, Travis and i had a great time at the cancer roundup and midland was extremely generous in raising money to support cancer research. I like to think i did pretty well considering that was my first time leaving Ty. My parents were kind enough to babysit ty (and cousin Brady was in they played too) and I only called once (5 minutes after dropping him off) and texted once...a few hours later. Travis and I stayed up past our bedtime but ended up leaving close to 11 to go get our son...who was sound asleep and stayed asleep while getting in the carseat and out of the carseat.! Since we all survived i guess we can do it again! And on sunday we even made it to church on time...and that included having to take ty out of the carseat, right after we got him loaded into the car, since he did a #2 diaper...perfect timing Ty! haha! Then, during church we just left him in the carseat and he was letting them rip and also another #2 diaper. I believe I saw sweat running down travis's brow bc he was so nervous people around us thought it was him making those digestion noises! lol.

introduction #2. The BOB. so we've had a BOB (running stroller) since before Ty was born that has been parked in Ty's garage..aka the living room..(along with his stroller) but never bought a carseat adapter bc we thought he would be big enough soon to just sit in the running stroller. Well, nervous/protective mommy here kept putting it off and putting it off because I don't want my little boy to fall out. So, one day travis and I were feeling brave and decided instead of walking our daily route we would run...thus, breaking out the BOB. we strapped little Ty as tight as it would go, placed rolled blankets on both sides of him and ended with a neck i mentioned before, i'm a little protective. Off we, we didn't run the whole thing..this momma is still waaayyy out of shape for that, but there was a definite difference in easiness from the regular stoller to the BOB. and Ty did great as well..and we made it home safe and sound!

introduction #3. Being a mommy of 2 with kids 11 months apart.
So, Mr. Brady came to visit this weekend since it was Casey and Daniels wedding anniversary. so Friday I got to keep brady all day by myself. Poor Brady was actually sick again and came to midland a few days sooner but we gave him almost 30 hours of being on antibiotics before he was around Ty so brady got to go to Dad's/Grandpa's office for awhile one day and play with mom-mom one day before coming to my house. Luckily for me Brady is a great and happy little boy...even when he is a little sick and can entertain himself but I can definitely see how tiring it can be when you are doing that everyday! Needless to say, Travis and I will be waiting awhile before baby #2. In fact, at the benefit Travis' boss jokingly said to me, "I heard Travis is already wanting to try for baby #2." my response. "Well, it won't be with me." hahahaha! having just Ty time is perfect for us for now! :) and once again, Brady was quite the little babysitter. When ty would be playing on his under the sea mat Brady would walk over and turn the music on for him...and when Ty would be in his swing brady would just sit in front of him and watch him swing. And Ty just loves playing with him..he'll just stare at brady! they are just too cute together.

That's what is goin on around the Roby household...just lovin life!