Rollin' with the Roby's

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Everyone loves Ty

The past few weekends have been so wonderful and relaxing. Last weekend we went to the lake with mom and dad who were also keeping brady for the weekend. It was so cute watching Brady and Ty interact. Brady likes/becomes more interested in Ty more and more each time they are aound each fact, Brady has become quite the protective older cousin and a great babysitter..haha! each time Ty would cry Brady would walk over to him and would look one of us and basically say in his head, " hey guys, Ty is crying...lets do something about it." or, "It's ok ty..let me just bounce you." It's too cute. Then, when ty would be in his bouncer chair Brady would be such a good babysitter and would walk to the bouncer and bounce ty! soooo sweet! Brady also always made sure Ty had a toy to play with and helped to teach him to roll over! really is sweet watching them play...and since Brady is such a happy, smily little boy i believe he taught ty how to really smile bc once we got home ty has been nothing but all smiles!

now to this past weekend.... the roby's came into town.

as you can see Ty got no attention at all..haha..ya right!

he sure did love his Gigi and great-grand daddy..he was always so comfy in Gigi's arms and would always fall asleep!

This weekend was a great weekend. Ty had another visit from his Gamy, Grandaddy and Aunt Ashley but was showered with even more love since Ty met his Gigi and Great-grandaddy for the first time and he just loved them! and let me tell you...ty got absolutely no attention at all! hahahaha..ya right! Ty is soo lucky to be so loved by sooo many family and friends. We had a great weekend of holding ty, watching ty, playing with ty...all things involving ty! hehe! :) Plus, we were able to get a four generation picture with the Roby men! what a blessing! Since pictures are more exciting than my writing here are some of the weekend!

Our little boy is just growing up..can't wait to see how big he is at the dr. tomorrow! :)

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