Rollin' with the Roby's

Monday, April 26, 2010

Our baby Ty is 2 months...

Went to the doctor today for his 2 month checkup and all is well...Ty is a healthy, growing boy! He weighed 12 lbs 8 oz. (75%) and was 23 inches long (50%). He also got his 2 month vaccination shots which he did surprisingly well. Turned his little bottom lip down for his sympathy pouty face to the nurse beforehand (he's so smart he knew what was coming..hehe) took the first shot like a champ but the 2nd and 3rd shots he let us know it hurt...but immediately afterwards his daddy picked him up and he was good to go! such a tough little boy! mommy and daddy took it pretty well also. I didn't think it would be that hard for me to watch considering I do that for a living but it's all different when it's your, it was a lot harder than expected!

At 2 months Ty is holding his head up extremely fact, when he is doing his tummy time and he lifts his head we think he looks like a little turtle pulling his head out of the shell! it's pretty funny.grabbing at things,,boys got a good grip! He is cooing like crazy...must take after his dad with his talking..haha! He is smiling like crazy, is very alert and constantly wants to see what all is going on around him...he's so curious he doesn't even like to go to bed in fear that he will miss out on something...again, his daddy's child! haha! But, everything is going great, he is sleeping anywhere from 4-7 hours at night (yes, it's wonderful)! We just love our little boy and are so proud of him!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Everyone loves Ty

The past few weekends have been so wonderful and relaxing. Last weekend we went to the lake with mom and dad who were also keeping brady for the weekend. It was so cute watching Brady and Ty interact. Brady likes/becomes more interested in Ty more and more each time they are aound each fact, Brady has become quite the protective older cousin and a great babysitter..haha! each time Ty would cry Brady would walk over to him and would look one of us and basically say in his head, " hey guys, Ty is crying...lets do something about it." or, "It's ok ty..let me just bounce you." It's too cute. Then, when ty would be in his bouncer chair Brady would be such a good babysitter and would walk to the bouncer and bounce ty! soooo sweet! Brady also always made sure Ty had a toy to play with and helped to teach him to roll over! really is sweet watching them play...and since Brady is such a happy, smily little boy i believe he taught ty how to really smile bc once we got home ty has been nothing but all smiles!

now to this past weekend.... the roby's came into town.

as you can see Ty got no attention at all..haha..ya right!

he sure did love his Gigi and great-grand daddy..he was always so comfy in Gigi's arms and would always fall asleep!

This weekend was a great weekend. Ty had another visit from his Gamy, Grandaddy and Aunt Ashley but was showered with even more love since Ty met his Gigi and Great-grandaddy for the first time and he just loved them! and let me tell you...ty got absolutely no attention at all! hahahaha..ya right! Ty is soo lucky to be so loved by sooo many family and friends. We had a great weekend of holding ty, watching ty, playing with ty...all things involving ty! hehe! :) Plus, we were able to get a four generation picture with the Roby men! what a blessing! Since pictures are more exciting than my writing here are some of the weekend!

Our little boy is just growing up..can't wait to see how big he is at the dr. tomorrow! :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Here comes (went) Peter Cottontail...

Although it's a little late....Happy Easter to everyone.

For Easter this year Travis and I traveled to Dallas for the annual Cunningham (dad's side) family reunion...where we reunited with about 150 of our relatives in the good ole' country in east texas. (Point, TX). This was one of the most exciting years, due to ty and Brady being there, from the past..ohhh..15 years, when I had to stop hunting easter eggs and give somebody else a go at finding the most eggs and money! if you don't believe me when you come visit i'll dig up my bunny trophys and show you! hahahaha! Seriously though, the reunion consists of a yummy pot luck buffett followed by a huge easter egg hunt and reconnecting with 5 generations of family! Since Meme has 9 other's inevitable that the whole family is huge! It was a great time and Ty and Brady had a great time :). In fact, due to Brady's age (1) he got a head start on the egg hunt and found several eggs and almost $5.00...and I think he might have put 1 or 2 all by himself in the basket! haha! while I was taking brady's pictures and trav, meme and casey were helping brady Mom decided to let Ty hunt as well..haha! If only i would have had my video camera out (I would have but i was in a hurry since they postponed the egg hunt until ty was done eating..hehe) was pretty hilarious. mom and dad have their own 2 person stroller (a spot for brady and ty) which we refer to as the limo. well, mom put ty in the limo and strolled though the field hunting eggs with Ty..haha! Ty actually did well...about a dozen eggs and $3 and change in money! He's a fast learner! :)

anyways, as the pictures will show below Ty and Brady have several matching outfits and since they call my dad "grandpa"..or will shortly when brady really starts found these Team Grandpa outfits that they wore saturday to show dads family their love for their grandpa!

Ty got to meet all the crazy cunninghams and travis meet even more...luckily he married me before we attended the reunion or he might have changed his kidding. Like I said earlier we traveled to dallas and Ty did great! luckily we got to split the trip up to dallas and stayed with casey, daniel and brady in abilene then venture to dallas the next day! unfortunately, Daniel had to work so Brady and casey rode with us and Let me tell you, we needed a 15 passenger van. With 2 carseats, 3 big people, all the baby gear and our luggage it was packed...but, although the tahoe looks really isn't! boo.

anywho, casey saw a place at the ACU campus with pretty flowers so we decided to put brady and ty in their matching easter outfits and take their pictures. Well..although it sounded like a good idea to us brady had other thoughts. but, to his defense he had a double ear infection, which led to a sinus issue, possibly getting his 11th adn 12th tooth in (yes, 1 year old) and all of that makes him not sleep so he was also a sleepy our photo session didn't take long! haha..but they looked sooo cute! So off to Dallas we went!

it was a great weekend and Ty did great considering he was in a carseat most of the time. Luckily, Ty really likes motion and makes him fall asleep. We can usually count on a car ride or walk in the stroller to make his little eyes close.

OHH!! i almost forgot, since dad is a big fisherman he just so happened to have some fish weighing scales for tournaments in his truck..yup, you guessed it. we decided to weigh Ty saturday morning and I believe he weighed 11 lbs 4 oz. thats with his jeans on..they zeroed the scale with his other clothes on! haha! so, we'll see in a few weeks how accurate that was! If it was it is alllllll belly. he still has stick limbs but they are getting some fat on them. his figure causes problems in the diaper and clothing areas. See, he has a great big belly but no butt or thighs so he always blows through his diapers since NB are too small but size 1's fit in the waist just not in the bottom half. lol!

oh, funny story..last week before easter we had our first family outing to a tech baseball game. Ty had eaten, had his cute tech baseball outfit on and in the carseat ready to go so we could be on time. Well, Ty started to cry and when travis lifted the carseat up to take to the truck he noticed ty was sitting in a puddle of his poop. haha! yes, ty had blown his diaper out so badly "it" was all up his back, down his legs and alllll in the carseat. since we had to literally put him in the sink to clean him off, change his clothes and clean the carseat... we were a little late. but on our way to the game (a whole mile down the street) Ty was just, like i mentioned before car rides are normally a sure bet he'll fall asleep but what little ty was telling us was he was hungry again since he cleaned himself out! haha! so, we sat in the truck in the bball parking lot while ty fed and finally we made it to the game with an hour left. haha! but, while inside Ty loved it and cheered on his red raiders!

Sorry for the long novel..but we have actually had a lot going on! This weekend Travis is in a fishing tournament so we hope that goes well and he catches the 500th over 13 lb. bass in texas since they (texas parks and wildlife) are awarding that person with a free lifetime fishing liscense..and that he wins the door prize....bass boat. or even if grandpa can win it and give it to his grandson! haha! anyways, hope yall have a great week!