Rollin' with the Roby's

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ty's trick!

Over the weekend Aunt Ashley came to visit and play with little Ty. We had a great, relaxing weekend and travis and I used ashley as free babysitting while we did some errands and more yard work. we tried to get ashley to help with what we refer to as "late night" but, well, she somehow always seemed to sleep right through the crying! haha! but, actually, we were glad b/c we didn't want to bother her...we want her to come back and not be afraid of getting no sleep! haha. Here is a video of Ty during tummy time...he was a little camera shy at first but then displayed his trick. Ty is like his daddy and is so strong. in fact, Travis always likes to quote the phrase the nurses used while we were in the hospital, "Ty is strong and vigorous." yes, we are proud parents.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

4 weeks...

Our little baby Ty is growing up on us he is 1 month old! He is now starting to grow out of his newborn clothes and diapers..which is good because newborn clothes aren't very cute! hehe! He is holding his head up but will face plant hard when his neck tires out! Also, during tummy time he always manages to roll over or scoot his way in a clockstyle fashion like he's break dancing....and last night he was trying to crawl up travis! He's pretty funny to watch and we just love him so much. We are still working on him learning how to tie his shoes..haha!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Ty's first roadtrip...

Finally...on the road again! Travis and I have been on house arrest for a few months before ty was born, in case he decided to come early (which he didn't) and we can't really go anywhere around town now with ty due to flu season and being a newborn. but, our nephew Brady turned 1 this past friday and we weren't going to miss the birthday we loaded up with baby ty in tow and headed to abilene for Ty's first road trip! Along the way we stopped in Big Spring to see his great-great aunt Betty Faye. He traveled well and he actually likes the moving motion but it worked out nicely to get a pit stop! He then got to see his cousin Brady again who gave him the look like..."excuse me but why is that thing making noise(aka crying) but then would give him sweet. It was too funny. But, by the end of the weekend Brady was making a little more sense of the baby and didn't stare him down too much when ty would cry and even rocked him while he was in the car seat, which was on the floor,ready to be loaded up! It's amazing how fast they grow in 11 months. Oh! and it was also ty's first thunderstorm. for some reason we must be a curse on abilene's weather because we got snowed in for christmas there and friday night it stormed big time and had snow on saturday..luckily, in abilene, none of it stuck..but, just crazy weather. All in all, it was a great first road trip for a great cause and travis and i were glad to get out of the house! Oh! and after the birthday party dad and travis headed to the lake where dad caught an 14.5 lb fish and travis caught an 8 lb fish! i think between the two of them they had 40 something lbs of fish..for 5 fish! needless to say they were extremely happy. travis has pictures on his phone so when i get them i'll share with yall!

all ready to go on the road trip...look at my cute dimples.

sweet kisses.

cousin love.

happy birthday to Brady and what we have to look forward to in 11 months!

Rewind to the weekend before and Granddaddy and Gamy came to visit. ty was held/spoiled basically the whole weekend and we are still having to wean him from that..haha! j/k. It was a good but fast visit which we also celebrated Travis's 27th birthday. It was nice for me since I was able to do some errands while Gamy babysat Ty and Grandaddy was nice to help travis with the yard work!. You Houstoners if you see the Roby house for sale you'll know where they are going...or if they aren't around much anymore..they are in Midland..and it's not to see me or trav! haha! Although there were tons of pictures taken that weekend unfortunately we only got one with our camera for some reason!

Mom...i'm holding my head up...can i be held now? enough with tummy time!

This weekend aunt ashley is coming to we look forward to that!

hope everyone is doing great!:)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

We are on our own.

Once we came home from the hospital (sunday) my mom was kind enough to stay with us and help out and what a help she was. Travis and i both appreciated it immensely considering Ty is still figuring out the whole night and day concept. :)...but now she is gone, she left friday so this past weekend it was just our little family. We are getting into a routine, Ty is finally learning we play all day and sleep at night. He even is sleeping in his big boy bed, he seems to like that more than his little moses basket...and the past few nights he has only woken up to eat. he is doing great. So...things we have learned about Ty...

-doesn't like to be swaddled. I am assuming it's because he was completely stretched out in me and so why change now. Although, he is allowing it a little more these days as he is learning he can actually bend his knees. :)

-loves to be held and cuddle (he's my little cuddlebug)...which becomes a problem at night time. So Travis and I have been trying to be strong and let him cry for awhile before we pick him up. During the day we put him in his swing until he just can't stand it anymore.

-hates getting his diaper changed. usually he would rather sit in a dirty diaper than have it changed but again, he is adapting well, and on some occasions doesn't cry at all anymore.

loves being talked to. it's really funny because he'll be crying and if we just start talking to him he stops and is like, "ok, they are still here." haha. and, I believe he likes music because the last few nights he has taken a liking to his musical seahorse and his lullaby cd's.

-I believe, like his daddy, he is going to love to eat. he thinks that if he is awake he needs to be eating..haha! He'll take a pacifier sometimes but we sometimes have to trick him with a little squirt of sugar water (completely safe for him).

- OH! and still hates baths. i mean, despises them! :)

So, those are the some personality traits of mr. ty roby. he is such a joy and we love having him and still can't believe he is ours.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

God is Soooo Good!

There is so much to say but due to your reading pleasure and my small amount of free time here is our exciting news summed up and probably bare with me.

We became parents to Ty Lankford Roby February 25th at 11:37pm weighing 8 lbs. 11oz and 20.5inches long. It was a long day considering we arrived at the hospital at 5:00am and, like posted above, he didn't arrive until 18 hours later. phew! But, it was absolutely worth it. I ended up having to have a c-section due to a small pelvis and poor Ty couldn't get through! Luckily God was watching over us and knew better than we did because not only did we discover I had a small pelvis but my cervix never fully thinned out making it extra difficult. See, I believe, the Good Lord above was trying to tell us that our baby Ty was going to be a big baby (everyone else thought he would be no more than 7 lbs) and didn't need to come through my small pelvis! When the Dr. pulled out Ty I remember everyone talking about how big he was and where was he hiding in my belly. I thought they were all kidding but turns out I was carrying an 8 lb 110z baby. Travis got a lot of great pictures and even got ty's footprints on his scrub top. There couldn't be a more prouder daddy! Travis was a trooper through the whole process. never sat down and the only reason he ate was because my dad made him...and good thing he did because we sure didn't think we would be laboring as long as we did. Also, while I was "pushing" the dr. took the time to comment on how well Travis's coaching job was. I believe his exact quote was, "I wish all fathers were as good of a coach as you." and for a dr. who has delivered hundreds of babies to say that is a huge compliment! Finally at 3:00am I got to see my baby boy and hold him! It was the greatest feeling! We are extremely proud parents and just can't get enough of ty. We got home early sunday morning and now are just trying to get a routine. Ty is so blessed coming into this world being already so loved by his family. In fact, we are trying to teach Ty that it's ok not to be held 24/7 since for about 3 days that is what he was accustomed to. :) Ty also got introduced to Brady and it was the cutest thing...we can't wait to see them interact later in life. Cooper still hasn't met him but all in due time. :) Fortunately, Travis has been off and will not go back to work until later in the week so it has been great having him home. My mom has also been with us and helping with the late night shifts and helping me as I recover from the c-section. here are some pics of our exciting day!
Morning of our exciting day
happy birthday to Ty Roby!
Precious baby boy!
Granddaddy, Gamy and Aunt ashley
Leaving the hospital..ready to go home.
First bath...hated it by the way! :)
Sleeping with daddy...happens a lot!

First time in swing.