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Thursday, February 18, 2010

"Better Out than In I Always Say"...

Well seems that if Ty doesn't come by Thursday the 25th we will definitely meet him then! yup, that's right, I am being induced on thursday at 5:00am..(whew, so early but worth it). Travis and I were so excited to hear when the Dr. said, "Well, you can either come back here next week or you can be induced." That was a no brainer for me....I said, "induction please"haha! So the dr. left the room and went to see what day and time was available while travis and I really discussed what we were really going to do! All that to say, we are scheduled to see Ty on thursday! Everything is still going great...I am progressing that is why we can schedule the induction! yay! WE ARE SOO EXCITED! Finally, after 9 months we can meet our little baby boy!
Since I have been off work for the past 2 weeks the first week I was...well...bored! since i didn't have much going on I felt absolutely useless...laying around all day is not fun for me. so, saturday I had a great idea pop in my head...i'll ask my sister if I can keep brady for the week that way I have entertainment and Casey and Daniel can have some time to themselves. After consulting with Travis I called her up! Luckily for me my parents were at the lake and picked Brady up on their way home and brought him to his aunt lindsey and uncle travis's house were we have been playing all week. You might think chasing an 11 month old when I am due anyday would be tiresome but actually it has made me less tired because I have a purpose in my day now! He has been quite entertaining and a blast. Travis loves him just as much as I do so it's neat to see them interact and play and Travis loves to put him down to sleep..he says he has a "knack" for it! haha! As for the diaper changes Uncle Travis leaves that up to aunt lindsey still. No offense to Brady, but Travis says he'll only change his son's diaper. lol! Guess we'll see how true that is in a week! Plus, having Brady here has made travis and I realize some the humidifyer, knowing our monitors work good, and the main one..Cooper! Cooper usually gets to come inside for a little while at night but since brady has been here we haven't let him in while the Bradster is in the house. As Travis likes to call it, "they take turns." Once Brady has gone to bed Cooper gets to come in until we go to bed... so, until its Cooper's "turn" he sits and barks outside the backdoor. Usually we try to tune out the barking but now knowing his barking could wake up a sleeping baby we decided to invest in a bark collar...and it is working! :) Needless to say, we are ready!
so that's the update! next blog might just have pics of our baby boy! :)

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