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Monday, January 11, 2010

ten quirks about pregnancy

here's a 33 week pic of us!

So...women always tell me or have told me symptoms/details of being pregnant but you can't quite fully understand until you are there,for example,in no particular order...

1. you can't "squeeze" by or fit into tight spaces anymore because your belly does not suck in.

2. having to go to the ladies room every 10 minutes is annoying especially when you need to do definitely makes you re-think your day or route!

3. everyone says get sleep while you can because once the baby comes it goes down the drain..well, when you have a big belly and have to use the restroom several times in the night you get no sleep...comfort is a hard thing to find!

4. speaking of think not being able to sit or sleep on your back isn't a big deal, but let me tell you IT IS! it's one of those things you don't realize you like or need until its gone.

5. breathing is also over-rated. you do one chore and need to hook up to an oxygen machine to re-vamp your lungs since baby is pressing on them. now, i know how the contestants on biggest loser feel (tacky i know).

6. Oh! they say during pregnancy is a time to eat whatever you want since you are eating for two...well, if you are a girl that loves seafood and deli meat it really puts a damper to your meals..especially lunch! I have already told Travis the first meal I want after Ty gets here is a delicious turkey sandwich followed by Salmon the next day!:)

7. rolling over and sitting up is now a two person job! ha!

8. the feeling of Ty moving is wonderful feeling and a feeling no one can fully explain. i love knowing he is having a good time in there! :)

9. now that we are nearing our due date when i am out and about i wonder what if my water breaks here..for example, sunday at church i thought, Oh no, i really hope it doesn't happen here! lol.

10. you see pregnant women and think, "ahh, how cute," but when it's you, you definitely don't feel cute..or at least according to me! :)

anyways, if you are a mother or pregnant lady reading this you know exactly what I mean!

Ty is still doing great! Our last dr. appt was another in and out. still on cruise control! i told the dr. i am ready for something exciting to happen so I hope that doesn't bite me in the hiney!

hope everyone has a great week!

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